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Administrative Procedures

Rogue Community College (RCC) Administrative Procedures (AP) are designed to serve as a one-stop reference source for RCC employees seeking general procedural information. Some Administrative Procedures provide step by step processes that pertain to certain Board policies.

Each procedure or information item contains a department contact. Visit the Policy vs. Procedure page for more information. You can also find links to General Information on the About RCC Administration page.

Administrative Procedures

Guidelines for staff are administered by college management and specify a required action(s) in specific situation(s). APs are established to provide clear and positive direction and are designed to coincide with and carry out the intentions of Board Policy.  General information about issues of interest to faculty and staff are referenced by APs.

Title Language Originating Body
College-Sponsored Artistic Expression English Art Dept.
Copyright English Library Services
Gym Use English Health, Physical Education and Recreation Dept.


College Services
Title Language Originating Body
Capital Space & Maintenance Requests English College Services
E-mail Guidelines English College Services
Firearms English College Services
Firearms Enforcement English College Services
IT Acceptable Use English College Services
Online Learning Accessibility NEW English College Services


Enrollment Services
Title Language Originating Body
Career Pathways and Transcript Notation English Enrollment Services
Compassion Tuition Waiver English Enrollment Services
Deceased Student English Enrollment Services
FERPA English Enrollment Services
Pathways OTM Transcript Notation (see Career Pathways and Transcript Notation) English Enrollment Services


Title Language Originating Body
Bicycle Lockers Rental Program English Facilities and Operations
Facilities Use Guidelines English Facilities and Operations
Safety & Health English Security/Facilities
Skateboards, Rollerblades & Bicycles English Security/Facilities


Title Language Originating Body
Audits (see Fiscal Services, AP-014) English Chief Financial Officer
Budget (see Fiscal Services, AP-014) English Chief Financial Officer
Clothing & Uniforms Provided by the College English Chief Financial Officer
Donation Memorial Tree/Bench English RCC Foundation
Gifts & Donations English RCC Foundation
Fiscal Services English Chief Financial Officer
Surplus Property English Contract & Procurement
Time and Effort for Employees Working on Projects Funded by Federal Grants English Chief Financial Officer
Travel and Other Reimbursements English Chief Financial Officer
Vehicle Purchases English Contract and Procurement Manager


Human Resources
Title Language Originating Body
Addressing the Death of an Employee English Human Resources
Affordable Care Act Compliance English Human Resources
Bookstore Discount English Human Resources
Consensual Relationships English Human Resources
Donated Sick Leave English Human Resources
Employment Practices and Equal Employment Opportunities English Human Resources
Gender-based and Sexual Discrimination & Harassment English Human Resources
Grievance Procedures English Human Resources
Oregon Sick Leave English Human Resources
Records Management English Human Resources
Retirement Celebrations English Human Resources
Sex Offender Notification English Compliance Coordinator
Standards for Professional Behavior for Employees English Human Resources
Vacant Positions English Human Resources
Voluntary Fees English Human Resources
Volunteers English Human Resources


President's Office
Title Language Originating Body
Campus Council Guidelines English President's Office
College Closure English Public Information Officer
Flowers & Gifts English President's Office
Political Activities English President's Office
Professional Development English Administrative Coordinator, President's Office
Public Relations/Public Information Officer English Administrative Coordinator, President's Office
Publications and Graphic Standards English Director of Marketing
Solicitation English President's Office
Speakers English President's Office


Risk Management
Title Language Originating Body
Accidents - Incidents English Human Resources
AED English Facilities and Operations
Alcohol-Free Campus English Human Resources
Animals on Campus English Student Services
Children on Campus English Student Services
Domestic Violence English Human Resources
Drug-Free Campus English Human Resources
Emergency Operations Plan English Risk Management Coordinator
Ergonomics English Human Resources
Harassment English Student Services
Hazardous Materials English Human Resources
Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting English Human Resources
Petitioners and Demonstrators English Student Services
Safety and Health English Risk Management Coordinator
Sexual Assault/Violence English Student Services
Smoking and Tobacco Use English Student Services
Stalking English Student Services
Title IX and Sexual Misconduct English Student Services
Workplace Violence English Human Resources


Student Services
Title Language Originating Body
Access to Educational Opportunities: Disproportional Enrollment NEW! English Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness, & Planning
Declaración de no-discriminación NEW! Spanish Public Information Officer
Non-Discrimination Statement for Publication NEW! English Public Information Officer
Posting (Bulletin Boards) English Student Services
Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities English Student Services