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Core Theme Planning

Core Theme Definition:
A manifestation of a fundamental aspect of institutional mission with overarching objectives that guide planning for contributing programs and services, development of capacity, application of resources to accomplish these objectives and assessment of achievements of those objectives.  Collectively, the core themes represent the institution’s interpretation of its mission and translation of that interpretation into practice.

Standard One – Mission, Core Themes and Expectations from NWCCU Standards:

The institution articulates its purpose in the form of a mission statement and identifies core themes that manifest essential elements of that mission.  It defines mission fulfillment in the context of its purpose, characteristics, and expectations.  Guided by that definition, it identifies an acceptable threshold or extent of mission fulfillment. 

1.B. Core Themes:

1.B.1 – The institution identifies core themes that individually manifest essential elements of its mission and collectively encompass its mission. 

1.B.2 – The institution establishes objectives for each of its core themes and identifies meaningful, assessable and verifiable indicators of achievement that form the basis for evaluating accomplishment of the objectives of its core themes. (NWCCU Revised Standards January 2010)

RCC's Core Themes

  1. Promote Student Access and Success [PDF]
  2. Advance Student Learning [PDF]
  3. Strengthen our Diverse Communities[PDF]
  4. Model Stewardship [PDF]