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Student Loans at RCC

Federal Direct Loans (FDL), 2018/19

Please apply for a loan no sooner than approximately one month
prior to the first term of your loan period.

Federal Direct Loans (FDL)

Alternative Student Loans

Many lenders offer student loan options. Such loans are not federally guaranteed or governed by the US Department of Education. RCC does not make lender or loan program recommendations. Borrowers should carefully review terms and conditions, which vary by lender and loan. To be eligible, a student must often have a co-signer with qualifying income, time-on-job, debt-to-income-ratio and other considerations. In the student’s best interest, RCC’s Financial Aid Office generally certifies this type of loan only after the student has exhausted all FDL options. RCC retains the right to refuse certification based on professional judgment.

If you wish to apply for an Alternative Student Loan, print this self-certification form and  submit it to your lender:

If you need help with Section 2, you may ask Rogue Central for assistance.

For loan support and management check out our partner IonTuition