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RCC Offers Free Dental X-rays, Jan. 8-Mar. 23

RCC Offers Free Dental X-rays, Jan. 8-Mar. 23Medford — Do you or someone you know need dental X-rays? Students in the RCC Dental Assistant program need your help fulfilling their radiology lab requirement. They need to take sets of full mouth X-rays as practice for their clinical examinations between Jan. 8 and Mar. 23, 2018 on RCC's Riverside campus in Medford.

A full-mouth set of X-rays can cost a patient over $150 in a dental office.

The Dental Assistant program is looking for qualifying patients who must have at least 24 fully erupted teeth (visible and present in the mouth), be at least 18 years old, and be eligible for a full-mouth X-ray (this usually means that you have NOT had a full mouth X-ray within the last 3 years).

Qualifying patients need their dentist to sign our prescription form then the x-rays will be emailed to the prescribing dental office. Once the prescribing dentist receives the X-rays, they will review them and notify the patient if they see any areas of concern.

By allowing our students to practice and apply the skills they recently learned in class, we will help you by taking your X-rays at no charge.

For more information on how you can get your free dental X-ray, please call Carmen Mons 541-245-7750 or Learn more about the dental assisting program, visit