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Rogue Values Awards

In 2006, RCC President, Peter Angstadt began a new tradition at Rogue Community College for faculty and staff who exemplify the College's five Core Values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Stewardship.

Nominees are selected by their peers and the college president selects individual awardees annually and announces award recipients at inservice gatherings. The award includes a privately funded cash bonus (the amount depends upon the number of awards given and the amount of funds available). All RCC employees are eligible.

To nominate an RCC employee for this recognition E-mail President Peter Angstadt. Include your name and contact information (E-mail and telephone number), the individual's name and department, and a short essay (3-5 paragraphs) explaining why the nominee should be honored.

Past Award Recipients

Spring 2015 Rogue Values Award
Andrew Childress-Faculty
Roger Friesen-Management
Shannon Wade-Classified

Spring 2014 Rogue Values Award
Erica Giesen- Faculty
Tom Miller- Management
Amy Durst- Classified 

Spring 2013 Rogue Values Award
Joe Momyer - Faculty
Linda Renfro - Management
Peggy Guthmiller - Classified 

Spring 2012 Rogue Values Award
Jim Van Brunt - Faculty
Jeanie Simmons - Classified
Cheryl Markwell - Management

Spring 2011 Rogue Values Award Recipients
Spring Inservice - Cancelled

Spring 2010 Rogue Values Award Recipients (previously Innovation Award) Charlotte Hutt - Faculty
Dorette Long - Faculty
Peggy Guthmiller - Classified
Grant Lagorio - Management

Spring 2009 Innovation Award Recipients
Spring Inservice - Cancelled

Fall 2009 Innovation Award Recipients
Fall Inservice - Cancelled

Spring 2008 Innovation Award Recipients
Bryan Herve - Classified
Dave McKeen - Faculty
Laurie Rydell - Manager

Fall 2008 Innovation Award Recipients
Bill Jiron - Classified
Laura Peterson - Faculty
Claudia Sullivan - Management

Spring 2007 Innovation Award Recipients
Joyce Graham - Faculty
Roger Harding - Faculty
Jeff Miller- Classified
Mark Petersen - Classified
Lynda Warren - Manager

Fall 2007 Innovation Award Recipients
Denise Caldwell - Classified
Robert Felthousen - Faculty
Joyce Graham- Faculty
Michael Raines - Classified

Fall 2006 Innovation Award Recipients
John Cole - Faculty
Jeanne Howell - Manager
Brad Ross - Classified