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RCC Safety Awareness

Contact Security at: RCC District 24 hr. contact 541-218-2930,  RVC security 541-218-2931. In an emergency always call 911 first.

RWC Facilities OfficeThe College assists in keeping the campus safe, but a safe campus can only be achieved through the efforts and cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. The information provided will assist you in working with the RCC community in ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

As a courtesy to our students, staff, and members of the academic community, Security provides public assistance services on campus. Services include, but are not limited to:

Battery jumpSafety Escorts

Security staff provide escorts for students and staff to parking lots or buildings upon request. The use of this service is especially encouraged after dark.

Battery Jumps

Security personnel are equipped with a battery jump kit in order to assist individuals parked on campus whose vehicle may need a battery jump.

Vehicle Lock Outs

Due to legal and technical issues the Security staff are no longer able to provide vehicle entry (lockout) services.  Please contact a local locksmith for services.

Room Unlocks

Security staff can assist authorized persons with unlocks to classrooms and offices.

Lost and Found

Rogue Central maintains a structured “Lost and Found” property system. Students who believe they may have lost property should contact Rogue Central by email at or in person to find out if the property has been found. All found property is recorded and secured on campus. Found property will be held for one month from the date entered into Lost and Found.  If the found property remains unclaimed after 30 days, they will be donated to Good Will. To find out where your campus Lost and Found is located visit Rogue Central online. On the Riverside campus, the Higher Education Center maintains a separate Lost and Found.

RCC Safety Committee

RCC has active Safety Committee members at Redwood, Riverside and Table Rock Campuses.  The committee meets for a regular monthly meetings 8 times per year, and meet quarterly (on months with no regular meeting) for walk-through safety inspections.  If you are interested in joining the safety committee, please contact Gray Conway, Safety Committee Chair, at . As a member, it requires a commitment of approximately 1 hour each month to attend these meetings/inspections.

RCC Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Program

Most departments at RCC utilize an online program for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which is available to staff and students. Chemicals can be searched on the website by chemical, campus, building and department.