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Emergency Operations Plan

Rogue Community College pursues a strong, ongoing program to provide a safe and healthful work and learning environment for all those that use the Campus. An important element of our health and safety program is the College's Emergency Operations Plan.

All faculty and staff members play a crucial role during emergency situations. This Emergency Operations Plan  provides  faculty, staff and students with guidelines to study and learn prior to an emergency so that each person is prepared to make decisions and take action as needed for the best safety of themselves and those around them.

Study the plan carefully. Know the emergency phone numbers to call. Follow the emergency evacuation routes posted in each building. Familiarize yourself with the location and use of emergency equipment, including familiarization of the “How To Respond to an Emergency” poster provided in each building near the evacuation routes map. Be sure you are prepared so that you can best keep yourself and others safe in the event that an emergency occurs on campus.

How to Respond: