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Apply to ROC

To qualify for the TRiO ROC program you must fill out an application. Please read the following instructions BEFORE you open the TRiO ROC Application form in step 6.

If you have ALREADY completed all three of these activities: placement test, orientation and student financial aid (FAFSA), then you are not a candidate for TRiO ROC unless you are planning to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college before the end of the current calendar year.


EMT StudentStep 1: Fully complete the Dependency and Income Information (questions 7-14) of the TRiO ROC application form. Taxable income information provided should be from your most recent tax return (e.g. 2010 form for calendar year 2011). The application will help you determine if the Federal Government considers you to be Independent or Dependent and this will determine how the income data must be entered.

  • Dependent: The federal government requires that you provide income information for both your parents (natural and adoptive parents that you resided with prior to the age of 18) and yourself. Report the combined income for you and your parents. If you have questions on income information that are not addressed on this form, complete the form to the best of your ability and contact your local TRiO EOC office. Also, your parents must sign your ROC application.
  • Independent: Report the combined income for you and your spouse if you either are married or have been separated within the past year, but are not yet divorced.
  • Independent/Dependent but did not file taxes: If you did not file income tax in the prior year, indicate “Did not file” under Income information and indicate the Household Funding Sources you received.

Step 2: Complete fully all questions on the form. Use the Submit button to validate your form and make any corrections indicated.

Step 3: Print a copy of your form for your records. When we receive your form you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. When you do go to your appointment, sign the printed form as indicated above and take a signed copy to your meeting with the TRiO-ROC Transition Specialist.

Step 4: Your form will be sent electronically to your local TRiO ROC office. All contact information is provided under the TRiO ROC Staff section of this website.

Step 5: We will call you to schedule an appointment if you are qualified for the program. If we have questions or you are not qualified for the program, we will follow up with you by phone, email, or regular mail.

Step 6: Open the TRiO ROC Application Form and enter your information

If you do not wish to complete the form online you can open and print the TRiO ROC Application form. Mail the completed application form or drop it by your local TRiO ROC office. All contact information is provided under the TRiO ROC Staff section of this website. We will contact you once we receive your form.