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VA Student Responsibilities

Guidelines for Students receiving Veterans Educational Benefits:

  • It is your responsibility to obtain official academic transcripts from all institutions that you have previously attended, whether or not VA benefits were received.
  • Our institution will only certify for one term for VA pay without having receipt and evaluation of the above transcripts. Occasionally a second term will be certified if you provide proof that transcripts are on their way.
  • You must notify the VA Certifying Official at Rogue Community College if you change your degree objective (College and/or Major).
  • An evaluation of Prior Credits is required whenever you change your degree objective.
  • Only those classes that apply directly toward completion of your declared objective may be certified to the VA. If you drop a class or take a class that does not apply to your major, you may be responsible to pay back to the Veterans Administration any overpayment that is created.
  • You must report to the RCC / VA Certifying Official any changes in your enrollment status.
  • You must earn a 2.00 term grade point average or you will be put on academic probation. Academic probation for three consecutive terms may be cause for suspension. (See school catalog.)
  • Termination of VA benefits will result if: 1) You are academically suspended by the College; or 2) You complete three consecutive terms with a term GPA below 2.00.
  • Withdrawing ("W") or completing a course with a "NP" or "Z" grade will be reported to VA by the certifying official. This may cause an "overpayment" or "pay back" situation.
  • The VA will not pay for self-paced courses, audits, repeats of successfully complete courses, incompletes, or credit by exam or "W" courses.
  • All courses must run the full length of the term to be paid at the appropriate credit load $ amount.
  • Incomplete grades must be completed and removed within one Academic Year or an overpayment may occur.
  • Summer Term is a non-standard term and eight credits are considered full time for VA purposes. If you also receive financial aid from RCC, full-time status is 12 credits.
  • Students who qualify for a book allowance may only purchase the books/supplies that are required for the current term.