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Business Transfer to Southern Oregon University


Associate of Science Degree
Major Code: 240101L
Courses for this Program

About the Program

The Associate of Science degree (Business) has been developed with the cooperation and support of
Southern Oregon University (SOU). The degree is fully articulated with SOU’s Business program
and allows students to transfer directly as juniors and to be admitted into the program with no loss
of credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The program offers an excellent balance of business and
general education courses that support advanced study in the field of business. Students should note
that Associate of Science is the only designation that is recorded on their transcripts and printed

Students should contact the SOU School of Business early in the first year of the program to be
advised about additional requirements and procedures for admission to the school or program.
Students transferring to SOU will be required to complete BA-201 at SOU during the first quarter.
Students should be aware that if they transfer before completing this degree, courses will be evaluated
individually toward the general education requirements in effect at SOU.

The curriculum in RCC courses is derived from a set of identified learning outcomes that are relevant
to the discipline. For a list of learning outcomes for this discipline or program, see

Entry Requirements

Students are required to take the college placement test to determine skill level and readiness indicated
by test scores. As part of their training program, students must begin with the courses within
their skill levels as determined by placement test scores. In addition, students may also be required
to enroll in classes that would increase their employability and success.

Advanced Standing

Coursework from accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in accordance with college
policies and the Business Technology Department chair’s approval. In order to ensure coursework
is current, program courses over 10 years old must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate
department chair before being accepted toward course requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 90 term credits of lower division collegiate courses with a
minimum grade of “C” or better.

For more information contact a counselor or an advisor:

Grants Pass: 541-956-7190
Medford: 541-245-7764
Toll free in Oregon: 800-411-6508
email: or
Web address:
TTY: Oregon Telecom Relay Service, 711