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Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree - Communication/Speech/ Journalism Interest


Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree

A total of 90 credits are required to complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree. The courses listed below are only meant to serve as a guide of recommended choices within categories required in the AAOT framework. See the AAOT graduation guide for full degree requirements. It is recommended that students also consult with the transfer college of choice regarding specific prerequisites since requirements for an communication/speech/journalism major vary at each university.

Course No.
Course Title
AAOT Category
WR121 Composition I 4 Writing
WR122 Composition II 4 Writing
MTH111 College Algebra 4 Math
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 4 Oral Communication
SPAN201 Second Year Spanish I (bachelor of arts requirement) 4 Humanities
SPAN202 Second Year Spanish II (bachelor of arts requirement) 4 Humanities
SPAN203 Second Year Spanish III (bachelor of arts requirement) 4 Humanities
Recommended courses depending on interest area:
SP100 Basic Communication 3 Humanities
SP115 Intercultural Communication 4 Humanities
SP218 Interpersonal Communication 4 Humanities

Note: Three courses required in the humanities category. Additional courses would count as electives. Visit

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