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Occupational Skills Training


Certificate of Completion
Major Code: 309999
Courses for this Certificate

About the Program

The Occupational Skills Training (OST) one-year certificate program provides a combination of academic study and hands-on training in any one of a variety of specific occupations. Students earn approximately half their program credits through training at local business sites. Almost any occupation can be addressed provided the following conditions are met:

  1. There are jobs currently available in the selected field
  2. There is an appropriate training site available in the community
  3. The occupational goal is appropriate to the program length of one year
  4. There is no overlap with existing RCC programs (trainings may overlap for students in special circumstances as approved by program personnel).

RCC program staff will assist students in assessing possible occupations.

Customized learning goals for hands-on training are developed for each student by program faculty. These goals are chosen with care to ensure students’ preparation for entry-level employment in the specific occupation of choice. Student progress is evaluated by RCC faculty with input from training site supervisors. Required academic coursework includes general education courses to increase knowledge of basic skills common to all work environments. Students are also required to take elective coursework related to their chosen occupational goals. Credits earned in this program may be applied to the Associate of General Studies degree. The OST program by itself is not financial aid eligible.

The curriculum in RCC courses is derived from a set of identified learning outcomes that are relevant to the discipline. For a list of learning outcomes for this discipline or program, see

Entry Requirements

Students must submit a completed Occupational Skills Training (OST) application to program staff to be considered for acceptance into the program. As part of their training program, students are required to take a placement test to determine skill level and readiness in math, reading and writing. Students must begin with courses within their skill levels as determined by the placement test scores. In addition, students may also enroll in classes that would increase their employability and success. Criminal background checks and/or professional liability insurance are required for some occupations.

Advanced Standing

Coursework from accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in accordance with college policies. Individual courses may be challenged based on the student’s life experience or knowledge. Arrangements may be made on an individual basis with the instructor teaching the course to determine specific challenge procedures.

Graduation Requirements

A certificate in Occupational Skills Training will be awarded to students who complete all courses in this program with a grade of “C” or better. Certain required courses are graded on a pass/no pass basis only. A grade of “P” for these courses indicates a student earned a “C” or better grade.

Course No.
Course Title
MTH20 Pre-algebra or designated placement test score 0-4
RD30 College Reading or designated placement test score 0-4
WR30 Fundamentals of Composition II or designated placemen test score 0-4
  Total Prerequisite Credits 0-12
General Education Requirements
Course No.
Course Title
CS120 Concepts in Computing I or higher level course or documented computer proficiency

Note: Successful completion of CS120 or otherwise meeting the proficiency requirement within the last 10 years fulfills this requirement. Contact a computer science adviser to help determine placement.

MTH63 Applied Technical Math or MTH60 Fundamentals of Algebra I or BT160 Business Math or higher level math 4
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations or BT101 Human Relations in Organizations 3
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing or BT113 Business English I or higher level composition

Note: Students who have successfully completed the 3-credit version of BT113 will have met this requirement.

HE261 CPR or HE112 Emergency First Aid or HE252 First Aid/CPR or HE253 Wilderness First Aid/CPR 1-3
  Elective credits related to career direction (any course 100-level or above related to career direction 7-14
  Total General Education Credits 18-32
Work-based Training Courses
Course No.
Course Title
ST109 Skills Training Seminar or BA109 Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing a Job 0-2
ST101 Occupational Skills Training and/or ST201 Occupational Skills Training (minimum 18 credits based on approved training plan and supervised by OST faculty) 18-28
  Total Work-Based Training Courses 18-30
  Total Program Credits 36-62
Approved Electives
Course No.
Course Title
SRV101 Community Service Learning 1-3
ST199 Workshop variable variable

For more information contact the Individualized Career Training Department:

Grants Pass or Medford: 541-956-7027
Toll free in Oregon: 800-411-6508, Ext. 7027
TTY: Oregon Telecom Relay Service, 711