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Computer Support Technician: Health Care Informatics Option


Associate of Applied Science Degree
Major Code: 510709A
Courses for this Program

Course No.
Course Title
CS120 Concepts in Computing I or documented computer proficiency 0-4
MTH63 Applied Algebra I or MTH60 Fundamentals of Algebra I or designated placement test score 4
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing or designated placement test score 0-3
  Total Prerequisite Credits 0-11
General Education Requirements
Course No.
Course Title
COMM225 Small Group Communication and Problem Solving 4
HE250 Personal Health or HE252 First Aid/CPR or HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life or HE112 Emergency First Aid or HE261 CPR/Basic Life Support Provider 1-3
LIB127 Introduction to Academic Research 1
MTH96 Applied Algebra II or MTH65 Fundamentals of Algebra II or higher level math 4
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking or SP218 Interpersonal Communication 4
WR121 English Composition I 4
WR227 Technical Writing or WR122 English Composition II 4
  Total General Education Credits 25-27
Required Core Courses
Course No.
Course Title
AH100 Medical Terminology: Introduction 3
AH110 Medical Terminology: Clinical 3
BA101 Introduction to Business 4
BI121 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I with lab 1 4
BI122 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology II with lab 1 4
BT178 Customer Service 3
CS125DB Data Base Management Systems 3
CS125PPT Effective Presentations 2
CS125SS Spreadsheet Applications (Excel) 4
CS133 Any CS133 programming language course 4
CS140 Introduction to Operating Systems 4
CS179 Introduction to Networks 4
CS225 Computer End-user Support I 4
CS227 PC Hardware Fundamentals and Repair 5
CS280 Cooperative Work Experience/Computer Science 3
HCI120 Introduction to Health Care Industry 3
HCI210 Legal Aspects of Medical Records 3
HCI255 Introduction to Health Care Informatics 3
  Approved program electives 3-5
  Total Required Core Credits 66-68
  Total Program Credits 91-95
Approved Program Electives
(3-5 credits required)
Course No.
Course Title
BA109 Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing a Job 2
CG155 Exploring Careers in Health Care 3
CHEM104 Introductory Chemistry I with lab and recitation 5
CS125V Visio 1
CS125WW Word Processing Applications (Word) 3
CS133 Any CS133 programming language course(s) not taken as part of required core variable
CS160 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS161 Computer Science I 4
CS162 Computer Science II 4
CS227N Network Hardware Fundamentals 4
CS233U Advanced C++ Programming 4
CS240 Advanced Operating Systems 4
CS240L Advanced Operating Systems – Linux 4
CS275 Database Development I 4
CS279 Network Operating Systems I (Infrastructure) 4
CS288 Network Operating Systems II (Active Directory) 4
CS280 Cooperative Work Experience/Computer Science variable
EET_ Any electronics course(s) variable
MTH_ Any math course(s) MTH105 or higher variable
SOC237 Communication, Relationships and Technology 4

1 BI231, BI232, and BI233 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II, III with lab (the entire sequence) may be substituted.