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Outdoor Adventure Leadership Transfer to Southern Oregon University


Associate of Science Degree
Major Code:  240101X


Course No.
Course Title
CS__ Approved 3-4 credit computer science class, CS120 or above or documented computer proficiency
Note: Successful completion of CS120 or otherwise meeting the proficiency requirement within the last 10 years fulfills this requirement. Contact a computer science adviser to help determine placement.
MTH95 Intermediate Algebra or MTH96 Applied Algebra II or designated placement test score 0-4
RD90 College Reading or designated placement test score 0-4
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing or designated placement test score 0-3
  Total Prerequisite Credits 0-15

General Education Requirements

Course No.
Course Title
LIB127 Introduction to Academic Research 1
MTH243 Probability and Statistics 4
COMM225 Small Group Communication and Problem-solving or SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking or SP218 Interpersonal Communication 4
WR121 English Composition I 4
WR122 English Composition II or WR227 Technical Writing 4
  Approved humanities electives 1 9-12
  Approved social science electives 2 6-8
  Approved science electives 3 11-15
  Total General Education Requirements 43-52

Core Requirements

Course No.
Course Title
GEOG100 Introduction to Physical Geography 3
HE253 Wilderness First Aid 3
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life 3
NFM225 Nutrition 4
OAL150 Outdoor Living Skills 2
OAL223 Wilderness Navigation 2
OAL250 Foundations in Outdoor Adventure Leadership 3
  Approved program electives 4 12-21

Land (choose a minimum of three classes from the following list):

PE185BA Backpacking 1
PE185CC Skiing/Snowboarding 1
PE185HA Hiking Oregon 1
PE185R Rock Climbing 1
PE185RC Rock Climbing Adventure 1
PE185W Winter Survival and Snow Camping 1

Water (choose a minimum of three classes from the following list):

PE185SK Sea Kayaking the Oregon Coast 1
PE185RR River Rafting Adventure 1
PE185WK Whitewater Kayaking 1
PE185SC Open Water SCUBA Diving 1
  Total Core Credits 38-47
  Total Program Credits 90

1 Approved Humanities Electives (Complete at least three courses from the following list, 9-12 credits.)

Note: Students who have graduated from high school or completed a high school equivalency program in 1997 or after must have the following requirement for admission to a four-year Oregon university: 1) Two years of the same high school-level world language, or 2) two terms of college-level world language with a grade of "C" or better (may be first-year world language, which can be used as elective credits on the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree). If students plan to complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at a four-year school, they must have a proficiency in a world language regardless of when they graduated from high school or equivalency program.

Course No.
Course Title
ART131 Introduction to Drawing 3
ART204, ART205, ART206 History of Art I, II, III 4-4-4
ENG104, ENG105, ENG106 Introduction to Literature 4-4-4
ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 World Literature 4-4-4
ENG201, ENG202, ENG203 Shakespeare I, II, III 4-4-4
ENG204, ENG205, ENG206 Survey of English Literature 4-4-4
ENG253, ENG254, ENG255 Survey of American Literature 4-4-4
ENG257 African American Literature 4
ENG260 Introduction to Women Writers 4
ENG275 The Bible as Literature 4
HUM101, HUM102, HUM103 Introduction to Humanities 4-4-4
HUM215, HUM216, HUM217, HUM218, HUM219 Native American Arts and Cultures 4-4-4-4-4
MUS105 Music Appreciation 3
MUS108 Music in World Cultures 4
MUS201 Introduction to Western Music 4
MUS205 History of Jazz 3
MUS206 Introduction to Rock Music 3
MUS208 Film Music 3
MUS261, MUS262, MUS263 History of Western Music I, II, III 4-4-4
MUS264, MUS265, MUS266 History of Rock I, II, III 3-3-3
PHL101,PHL102, PHL103 Philosophical Problems/Ethics/Critical Reasoning 4-4-4
REL201 World Religions 4
REL243 Nature, Religion and Ecology 4
SP115 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4
SPAN201, SPAN202, SPAN203 Second Year Spanish I, II, III 4-4-4
TA141 Fundamentals of Acting 4
WR241, WR242, WR243 Imaginative Writing I, II, III 4-4-4
2 Approved Social Science Electives (Complete at least two courses from the following list, 6-8 credits.)
Course No.
Course Title
ANTH110, ANTH150 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology/Archaeology 4-4
BA101 Introduction to Business 4
BA218 Personal Finance 3
SOC244/CJ101 Introduction to Criminology 4
CJ120 Introduction to the Judicial Process 4
SOC243/CJ243 Drugs, Crime and Addiction 4
COMM237 Communication and Gender 4
ECON115 Introduction to Economics 3
ECON201, ECON202 Principles of Microeconomics/Principles of Macroeconomics 4-4
GEOG110 Introduction to Cultural and Human Geography 3
GEOG120 World Regional Geography 3
HST104, HST105 History of World Civilization I, II 4-4
HST201, HST202 History of the United States I, II 4-4
IS110, IS111 Introduction to International Studies 4-3
PS201, PS202 U. S. Government I, II 3-3
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
PSY119 Psychology of Personal Growth 4
PSY201, PSY202 General Psychology I, II 4-4
PSY215 Life Span Human Development 4
PSY219 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4
PSY231 Human Sexuality 3
SOC204, SOC205 Introduction to Sociology, American Society 4-4
SOC211 Social Deviance and Social Control 3
SOC213 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. 4
SOC218 Sociology of Gender 4
SOC225 Social Problems 4
SOC228 Environment and Society 4
SOC230 Introduction to Gerontology 4
SOC235 The Chicano/Latino Historical Experience 4
3 Approved Science Electives (Complete at least three courses, two of which must have labs, from the following list, 11-15 credits. Only one course can be a regional field studies course indicated by asterisk.)
Course No.
Course Title
BI100GB Introductory Biology (non-lab course) 3
BI100SB Biology of Human Body Systems (non-lab course) 3
BI101, BI102, BI103 Introduction to Biology I, II, III with lab 4-4-4
BI121, BI122 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I, II with lab 4-4
BI211, BI212, BI213 General Biology I, II, III with lab 4-4-4
BI231, BI232, BI233 Anatomy and Physiology I, II, III with lab 4-4-4
BI234 Microbiology with lab 4
BI272 Introduction to Ecology with lab 4
CHEM104, CHEM105, CHEM106 Introductory Chemistry I, II, III with lab and recitation 5-5-5
CHEM221, CHEM222, CHEM223 General Chemistry I, II, III with lab and recitation 5-5-5
CS195 Web Authoring I (HTML/CSS) (non-lab course) 4
ENV111 Introduction to Environmental Science (non-lab course) 3
G100 Fundamentals of Geology (non-lab course) 3
G101, G102, G103 Introduction to Geology I, II, III with lab 4-4-4
GEOG100 Introduction to Physical Geography (non-lab course) 3
GS104, GS105, GS106, GS107, GS108 Physical Science with lab 4-4-4-4-4
GS161 * Regional Field Studies with lab 4
GS170 * Regional Field Geology with lab 4
PH201, PH202, PH203 General Physics I, II, III with lab and recitation 5-5-5
PH211, PH212, PH213 General Physics (Calculus Based) I, II, III with lab and recitation 5-5-5
4 Approved Program Electives (Complete 12-21 credits for a total of 90 program credits.)  
Course No.
Course Title
HE131 Introduction to Exercise and Sport Science 3
HE199 Special Studies in Health 1-3
HE208 HIV and Other Epidemics 1
HE250 Personal Health 3
HE252 First Aid/CPR 3
HE259 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury 3
PE184 Adaptive Physical Education 1
PE185 Any physical education course not required within core requirements variable
PE194 Principles of Exercise Training and Conditioning 2
PE199 Special Studies in Physical Education 1-3
PE264 Fundamentals of Personal Training 2
PE280 CWE/Physical Education 2
PE290 Fitness Instructor 2
  Any lower division transfer course not already required variable variable