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Electronics Technology Courses


Associate of Applied Science Degree
Major Code: 150303

Course No.
Course Title
CS__ Approved 3-4 credit computer science class, CS120 or above or documented computer proficiency
Note: Required for graduation. Successful completion of CS120, or otherwise meeting the proficiency requirement within the last 10 years, fulfills this requirement. Contact a computer science adviser to help determine placement.
MTH20 Pre-algebra I or designated placement test score 0-4
RD90/WR90 College Reading/Fundamentals of Composition or WR91 Fundamentals of Academic Literacy (WR91 substitutes for both RD90 and WR90) or designated placement test score 0-8
  Total Prerequisite Credits 0-16
First Year Required Courses
Course No.
Course Title
First Term
EET125 Electronics Fundamentals I (DC) 6
EET129 Embedded Systems - Arduino 5
MTH63 Applied Algebra I or MTH60 Fundamentals of Algebra I or higher level math 4


Second Term
EET126 Electronics Fundamentals II (AC) 6
EET130 Digital Fundamentals I 6
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing or designated placement test score, and either SP100 Basic Communication or SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking or SP218 Interpersonal Communication
Note: If students test out of WR115, they may take WR122 instead of speech upon completion of WR121.


Third Term
CS140 Introduction to Operating Systems 4
EET131 Digital Fundamentals II 6
EET140 Solid State Fundamentals 6


Fourth Term
EET127 Exploring Raspberry Pi 3
HE112 Emergency First Aid 1
LIB127 Introduction to Academic Research 1
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations or BT101 Human Relations in Organizations 3
WR121 English Composition 4


  Total First Year Credits 58-59
Second Year Required Courses
Course No.
Course Title
Fifth Term
CS227 PC Hardware Fundamentals and Repair 5
EET215 Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits 5
EET220 Solid State Devices 6


Sixth Term
EET225 Electronics Troubleshooting 3
EET230 Radio Frequency Communications Fundamentals 6
EET240 Microcontrollers I 5
Seventh Term
EET205 International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) Certification Preparation 1
EET235 Microwave Applications 5
EET241 Microcontrollers II 5
EET250 Prototype Development and Documentation or EET280 Cooperative Work Experience/Electronics 4
______ Approved Program Electives 0-4
  Total Second Year Credits 45-49
  Total Program Credits 103-108
Approved Program Electives
Course No.
Course Title
BA101 Introduction to Business 4
BT121 Digital Marketing and e-Commerce 4
CS__ Any computer science course, CS125 or above 3-4
EET101 Introduction to Electronics 3
EET104 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Electronics 4
EET106 Electronics Assembly 3
EET112 Introduction to Mechatronics 3
EET113 Exploration of Alternative Energies 3
EET118 Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems 5
EET132 Digital Fundamentals III 5
EET150 PLC Motor Control 3
EET180 Cooperative Work Experience/Electronics 4
EET180S/EET280S Cooperative Work Experience Seminar/Electronics 1
EET199 Selected Topics in Technology 1-5
GS104 Physical Science with lab 4
MET101 Mechanical Drafting 3
MET121 CAD I: Mechanical (SolidWorks) 3
MET122 CAD II: Mechanical (SolidWorks) 3
MET160 Metals and Metallurgy 3
MFG101 Introduction to Manufacturing 3
MFG121 Manufacturing Processes I 4
MFG220 Research and Development Prototyping 4
MFG230 Statistics and Quality Control 3
MFG241 CNC Programming – Mill 4
MFG242 CAM I: Mastercam 4
MFG243 CAM II: Mastercam 4
MFG244 CNC Programming – Lathe 3
MTH65 Fundamentals of Algebra II or higher level math 4-5
MTH60R Fundamentals of Algebra I Recitation 1
MTH65R Fundamentals of Algebra II Recitation 1
MTH111R College Algebra Recitation 1
MTH112R Elementary Functions Recitation 1
SP111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (if not taken as a required course) 4
WR122 English Composition II (if not taken as a required course) 4
WLD101 Welding Fundamentals 3
WR227 Technical Writing 4