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Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree - History Interest


Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree

A total of 90 credits are required to complete the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree and the courses listed below are only meant to serve as a recommended choices within categories required in the AAOT framework. See the AAOT graduation guide for full degree requirements. It is recommended that a student also consult with the transfer college of choice regarding specific prerequisites since requirements for a History major vary at each university.

Course No.
Course Title
AAOT Category
HST104 World Civilizations: Prehistory - Middle Ages 4 Social Science
HST105 World Civilizations: Byzantium - Present 4 Social Science
HST201 U.S. History through Reconstruction 4 Social Science
HST202 U.S. History: Post-Reconstruction - Present 4 Social Science
MTH243 Probability and Statistics with lab 1 4 Math
SOC235/HST259 The Chicano/Latino Historical Experience 4 Social Science

Recommended Electives:

ANTH150 Introduction to Archeology 4 Social Science
ENG107 World Literature: Ancient to Classical 4 Humanities
ENG108 World Literature: Medieval to Renaissance 4 Humanities
ENG109 World Literature: Enlightenment to Modern 4 Humanities
ENG204 Survey of English Literature: Medieval to Renaissance 4 Humanities
ENG205 Survey of English Literature: 18th Century to Romantic 4 Humanities
ENG206 Survey of English Literature: Victorian to Modern 4 Humanities
ENG253 Survey of English Literature: Colonial 4 Humanities
ENG254 Survey of English Literature: 19th Centrury 4 Humanities
ENG255 Survey of English Literature: 20th Centrury 4 Humanities
ENG257 African American Literature 4 Humanities
ENG260 Introduction to Women Writers 4 Humanities
HUM215 Native American Arts and Cultures (Eskimo/Inuit) 4 Humanities
HUM216 Native American Arts and Cultures (First Nations of the Northwest Coast) 4 Humanities
HUM217 Native American Arts and Cultures (Nations of the Plains) 4 Humanities
MUS108 Music in World Cultures 4 Humanities
REL201 World Religions 4 Humanities
SPAN201 Second Year Spanish I 2 4 Humanities
SPAN202 Second Year Spanish II 2 4 Humanities
SPAN203 Second Year Spanish III 2 4 Humanities

1 Students should inquire with their receiving institution as to whether MTH243 is accepted.

2 Two years of a college-level World Language is required for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Note: Three courses required in the Humanities category. Additional courses would count as electives.

Oregon public universities offering degrees in this subject: