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Associate of General Studies - Art Interest


Associate of General Studies Degree

A total of 90 credits are required to complete the Associate of General Studies degree. The courses listed below are only meant to serve as a guide of recommended choices within categories required in the AGS framework. See the AGS graduation guide for full degree requirements. 

This course of study is designed to provide a foundation for students planning to transfer to private art schools such as the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, and for students wanting to develop their portfolios and depth of expertise within different mediums. Requirements at different schools vary so students should consult their programs of interest for more specific guidance.

Course No.
Course Title
ART115 Basic Design I (Composition) 3
ART116 Basic Design II (Color Theory) 3
ART131 Introduction to Drawing (Value) 3
ART132 Introduction to Drawing (Line) 3
ART198 Independent Study: Portfolio 1
ART204 History of Art I 4
ART205 History of Art II 4
ART206 History of Art III 4
ART234 Figure Drawing I 3
ART237 Illustration I (Black and White Media) 3
ART253 Ceramics I 3
ART257 Beginning Jewelry and Metalsmithing 3
ART276 Sculpture I or ART291 - Welded Steel Sculpture 3
ART281 Painting I 3
ART294 Watercolor I 3
Advanced studio courses:
ART235, ART236 Figure Drawing II, III  
ART238, ART239 Illustration II, III  
ART254, ART255 Ceramics II, III  
ART258, ART259 Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry and Metalsmithing  
ART277, ART278 Sculpture II, III  
ART282, ART283 Painting II, III  
ART295, ART296 Watercolor II, III  
CIS120 Concepts in Computing I  2
COMM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 4
DDM160 Digital Imaging (Photoshop) 3
LIB127 Introduction to Academic Research 1
MTH105 Introduction to Contemporary Math or higher 4
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
WR121 English Composition I 4
--- Lab Science 4
--- Social Science 4
--- Physical Activity Course 3