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Associate of General Studies - Pre-professional Medicine Interest (Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary)


Associate of General Studies Degree

A total of 90 credits are required to complete the Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree. The courses listed below are only meant to serve as a guide of recommended choices within categories required in the AGS framework. See the AGS graduation guide for full degree requirements. The following list includes recommended courses for students who have an interest in pre-professional medicine.

The coursework listed below is designed to prepare students for transfer into a pre-professional bachelor’s degree at an Oregon university. Since requirements for pre-professional programs vary at each university, students are encouraged to visit the transfer school’s website for all current admissions and academic requirements. Students are strongly advised to work with RCC science faculty in designing a program plan for transfer. There may be other courses that can be completed prior to transfer. 

The courses outlined here are minimum requirements within a bachelor’s degree for admission into several pre-professional programs including the Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry and Medicine; Oregon Tech degrees in health studies and clinical laboratory sciences (joint degree with OHSU); and Oregon State University degrees in pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

Course No.
Course Title
BI211 General Biology I with lab 4
BI212 General Biology II with lab 4
BI213 General Biology III with lab 4
CHEM221 General Chemistry I with lab and Recitation 5
CHEM222 General Chemistry II with lab and Recitation 5
CHEM223 General Chemistry III with lab and Recitation 5
COMM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 4
MTH243 Probability and Statistics with lab 4
MTH251 Calculus I (Differential) with lab 5
MTH252 Calculus II (Integral) with lab 5
PH201 General Physics I with lab and Recitation 5
PH202 General Physics II with lab and Recitation 5
PH203 General Physics III with lab and Recitation 5
WR121 Fundamentals of Composition I 4
WR122 Fundamentals of Composition II 4
WR227 Technical Writing 4

Oregon public universities offering degrees in pre-professional medicine include: