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Computer Support Technician

2020-21 Computer Support Technician (PDF)*

Associate of Applied Science Degree
Courses for this Program

About the Program

The Computer Support Technician program is designed to prepare students for employment in
computer support positions within an organization. It will also provide skills in computer hardware
and software to meet the needs of an increasingly technical society.

Program Learning Outcomes

The curriculum in RCC courses is derived from a set of identified learning outcomes that are relevant to the discipline. Program leaning outcomes for computer science programs are:

Makes recommendations regarding appropriate equipment acquisitions, maintenance, upgrade and life-cycling in the workplace.

Applies operating system and hardware concepts and principles to problem solving in the context of computer systems.

Troubleshoots and solve a variety of equipment-related issues in a workplace environment.

Uses standard business productivity software to support electronic projects.

Explains basic troubleshooting processes and procedures from initial diagnosis to final documentation and reporting.

Develops technical documentation to support organizational needs.

Explains and demonstrate how to interact and communicate effectively with people of different technical backgrounds and professional positions.

Works effectively as an individual under guidance and as a member of a team.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete the Placement Process to determine skill level and readiness in math, reading, and writing. As part of their training program, students must begin with the courses within their skill level as determined through the Placement Process. In addition, students may also be required to enroll in classes that would increase their employability and success.

Advanced Standing

Coursework from accredited universities will be accepted in accordance with college policies and
the Computer Science Department chair’s approval. In order to ensure that coursework is current,
program courses over five years old must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate department
chair before being accepted toward core requirements. Each College Now credit student must meet
with the department chair to determine placement.

Credits earned in the successful completion of this program can be applied to other certificates and
degrees in the Career Pathway. For more information, speak to a program advisor.

Graduation Requirements

Students completing the required credits in this program with a grade of “C” or better will receive
their degrees. Certain prerequisite and required courses are graded on a pass/no pass basis only. A
grade of “P” for these courses indicates a student earned the equivalent of a “C” or better grade.

Course No.
Course Title
CIS/CS Approved Computer Information Science or Computer Science class, CIS120/CS120 or above or documented computer proficiency within the past ten years 0-2
MTH63 Applied Algebra I or
MTH60 Fundamentals of Algebra I or designated placement score
WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing or designated placement score 0-3
  Total Prerequisite Credits 0-9
General Education Requirements
Course No.
Course Title
COMM225 Small Group Communication and Problem Solving or
COMM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking or
COMM218 Interpersonal Communication (choose two)
HE250 Personal Health or
HE112 Emergency First Aid or
HE252 First Aid/CPR or
HE261 CPR/Basic Life Support Provider or 
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life
LIB127 Introduction to Academic Research 1
MTH96 Applied Algebra II or
MTH65 Fundamentals of Algebra II or higher level math
PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
WR121 English Composition I 4
WR227 Technical Writing or
WR122 English Composition II
  Total General Education Credits 25-27
Required Core Courses
Course No.
Course Title
BA101 Introduction to Business 4
BT178 Customer Service 3
CIS125DB Data Base Management Systems 3
CIS125PPT Effective Presentations 2
CIS125SS Spreadsheet Applications 4
CIS125V Visio 1
CIS125WW Word Processing Applications 3
CS133 / CS160 / CS161U Any CS133 / CS160 / CS161U programming language course 4
CIS140 Introduction to Operating Systems 4
CIS179 Introduction to Networks 4
CIS225 Computer End-user Support I 4
CIS227 PC Hardware Fundamentals and Repair 3
CIS240 Advanced Operating Systems 4
CIS240LX Advanced Operating Systems - Linux 4
CIS279 Network Operating Systems I (Infrastructure) 4
CIS280 Cooperative Work Experience/Computer Science 3
CIS284 Network Security Fundamentals 4
  Approved program electives 9-12
Total Required Core Credits 67-70
Total Program Credits
Approved Program Electives

(9-12 credits required)

Course No.
Course Title
BA109 Ready, Set, Work: Techniques for Landing a Job 2
CIS280 Cooperative Work Experience variable
CS133C# Rrogramming Fundamentals Using C# 4
CS160 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS161J Computer Science I (Java) 4
CS162J Computer Science II (Java) 4
CS275 Database Development I 4
EET___ Any electronics course(s) variable
HCI255 Introduction to Health Care Informatics 3
MTH___ Any math course(s) MTH105 or higher variable
SOC237 Communication, Relationships and Technology 4

For more information, contact the Computer Science Department:

Phone: 541-956-7127
Toll free in Oregon: 800-411-6508, Ext. 7127
Web address:
TTY: Oregon Telecom Relay Service, 711
3345 Redwood Highway • Grants Pass, OR 97527

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