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Request Accommodations

Access and Disability Resources has moved to a new system called AIM for students to request accommodations for their classes.  

Students eligible for accommodation in previous terms through RCC will continue to have access to accommodations in AIM for future classes.

To request your accommodation for classes please do the following.  

  • Register for your classes. Do this first.
    • It can take 48 hours for your classes to populate in AIM
    • To access AIM and select your accommodations, login to your RCC Student Email.
    • Once you are logged in, look for the nine squares in the top left of the page next to "Outlook".
      • This will open a list of MS apps; Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, etc. You will find AIM here as well.
      • Click on "All apps" at the bottom of the list of apps.
      • From here you can scroll down past all the Microsoft apps until you get to "Other". This is where the RCC app live.
      • Click on "Disability Services" (Access and Disability Resources)
    • Since you are logged into your RCC student account will be automatically routed into AIM.
    • You will be placed in your AIM Account Overview.
    • If you have waited 24-48 hours for your classes to be placed in AIM, you will see them on this page.
      • Step 1: Select Class(es) you are requesting accommodations for, these will appear checked when selected.
      • Step 2: Continue by Clicking "Continue to Customize Your Accommodations"
      • Step 3: Select your Accommodations
      • Step 4: Click "Submit your Accommodations"

    Once accommodation letters are sent to your instructors a letter will be sent to your RCC student email. All correspondence from the Access office will be conducted through RCC student email to ensure confidentiality.

    If you have questions or any difficulty selecting accommodations in AIM, please contact us directly and we can help.