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Admissions (AP-111)



This procedure has been rescinded by AP 5011 Admission and Concurrent Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students. Please see this separate document for updated information.

Procedure: ADMISSIONS (AP-111) [PDF]
Assistant Director, Admisssions and Recruitement; 541-956-7217

  1. Prospective students who have a High School Diploma, High School equivalency, or are over 18 will be admitted to Rogue Community College by completing an admissions application.
  2. Prospective students who are 16 or 17 years of age and do not have a High School Diploma or equivalent and are not part of an accelerated High School/college program must do the following:
    1. Complete the Admission Application
    2. Take a placement test or meet multiple measures standards and place into college level reading and college level writing
    3. Comply with Oregon compulsory school attendance law and submit required documentation
    4. Complete an underage registration form and submit this to Rogue Central.
  3. Prospective students who are under 16 years of age who are not part of an accelerated High School/college partnership are encouraged to complete all possible coursework in a secondary district. College level coursework in an adult learning environment may not be suitable for non-college aged students.

    In addition to the requirements stated above in two (2), underage students and parents/guardians must meet with a college representative to determine that:

    1. Participation in class is not a health or safety risk
    2. Enrollment is not in violation of federal or state statutes or regulations
    3. The student has the ability to benefit from college content and instructional strategies

A recommendation for admissions status must be submitted to the Assistant Director, Admissions and Recruitment who will make the final determination. Once approved the student will complete an underage registration form and submit this to Rogue Central.

Pursuant to ORS 341.481 the college reserves the right to approve or deny the request for enrollment by underage students.


Date Adopted: 07/17/2018

Date Revised: