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Animals on Campus (AP-042)



Procedure: ANIMALS ON CAMPUS (AP-042)
Contact: Campus Security, 541-218-2930

Pursuant to Board Policy II.B.070, Animals on Campus, domestic animals and pets are prohibited from all campus facilities unless they are certified, or in training to assist students or employees with disabilities, licensed and/or on leashes accompanied by the owner at all times.  Domestic animals and pets are not permitted in classrooms or other College buildings (unless certified or in training to be certified to assist individuals with disabilities). Persons who bring animals on campus pursuant to this procedure will be responsible for removal of any waste of the animal and shall not leave the animal confined to a car, or attached to a tree, pole, building, sign, or other object on College property.

The disposition of unsupervised animals will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the College. This may include but not be limited to the breaking of vehicle windows, calling animal control, or anything else at the college’s discretion.

Date Revised: Revised: 11/21/2017