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Campus Council Guidelines (AP-020)



President’s Office, Ext. 7087


  • To provide a regular forum for campus staff and students to discuss new or ongoing issues relating to daily operations of the College;
  • To provide a timely and efficient venue to express campus, community or college needs, concerns, and successes;
  • To provide a troubleshooting and/or brainstorming resource for campus and college issues;
  • To serve as a clearinghouse and referral agent for issues that need to be addressed at a different level or by other systems or teams;
  • To maintain open and efficient lines of communication between functional groups on each campus.


  • Will include representation from College Services, Student Services, Management, Instructional Services, Full- and Part-time Faculty, Classified Staff, and Student Government;
  • May include community members or other members as appropriate (for example, SOU staff at Riverside Campus/Higher Education Center).
  • Is open and staff may choose to be on a Council based upon work schedules and college needs.
  • May be required of some team members to adequately represent important campus functions.


  • The Campus Councils have authority to:
    • Propose solutions, identify needs, gather input, collect data and information, request sources.
    • Refer and/or champion issues at the appropriate decision-making level.
  • The Campus Councils do not have authority to:
    • Address personnel issues relating to job performance, evaluation, or discipline.
      However, within the context of proposing solutions to existing problems, a Council may discuss recommendations for new or additional positions or the re-allocation of existing positions,
    •  Be involved in the discipline of students or staff.
    • Make decisions around issues that are already within the purview of existing committees or teams (i.e. contract issues or questions for Faculty Association Management Advisory Team (FAMAT) and/or Classified Association Management Advisory Team CAMAT).
    • Set budgets or approve spending. However, the Council may, in the context of proposing solutions to existing problems, discuss recommendations for budget priorities, needs or changes.
    • Formally evaluate staff or programs.


Monthly (more if determined by site); RWC – Third Friday (Ext. 7764); RVC – First Friday (Ext. 7741); TRC-Second Friday (Ext. 7894).


Date Adopted: 07/25/2011

Date Revised: