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Children on Campus (AP-005)



Procedure: CHILDREN ON CAMPUS (AP-005)
Assistant to the Vice President, Student Services, 541-956-7187

Guidelines for Students Children on Campuses: Only students enrolled in classes or labs may sit in on those classes or labs unless the individual instructor or department chair/coordinator makes an exception. Children under high school age (14 years or younger) are not permitted on college campuses, unless directly supervised by a responsible adult.

Guidelines for Employees’ Children on Campus: RCC endeavors to support employees and their families. In emergency situations, the following guidelines are provided to assist supervisors in making decisions about permitting faculty and staff to bring children to work.

  1. It is inappropriate to bring minor children to work at the College on a regular and on-going basis while working for RCC.
  2. Employees and students are expected to make arrangements for the care of their minor children. Alternatives such as flex scheduling or contract leave may be arranged if necessary and appropriate.
  3. While employees may miss work (taking contract or sick leave) to care for a child, there may be occasions, under emergency circumstances that create difficult choices of either missing work or seeking supervisor approval to temporarily bring a child to work.

    However, short-term emergency arrangements must be approved by a supervisor depending on: (1) the needs of the job, the department, and the College; (2) the work performed by the employee; and (3) the employee’s child’s ability to fit within the work environment.

    Any such arrangement must be viewed as a cooperative, temporary agreement between supervisor and employee and not an entitlement. Further, it is important that the child does not disrupt the worksite

These guidelines are not provided to forbid meeting family members at college facilities, or in an employee’s office, nor to prevent family members from making appropriate use of college resources generally available to the public.

The College is supportive of events related to children’s learning, such as “bring your child to work day” or related events. However, RCC work places may not be viewed as an alternative to appropriate childcare on a regular and ongoing basis.

Guidelines for Other Children on Campus: Other minor children who are not necessarily connected to students or employees may be on campus by invitation for a special event or class field trip. Those students must be accompanied by responsible group leaders and a designated employee. If children are disruptive, they may be asked to leave the campus and must be escorted by one of the group leader.


Date Adopted: 03/06/17

Date Revised: