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Curriculum Development (AP-101b)



Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, 541-956-7279

RESPONSIBILITY: The faculty of Rogue Community College are responsible for the overall curricula of the college. They are supported and assisted by the Office of Curriculum and Scheduling.

CURRICULUM and ACADEMIC STANDARDS COMMITTEE (CASC): The Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee (CASC) approves additions, deletions, and modifications of the curriculum and reports these results to the Academic Training Council (ATC).

APPOINTMENT: In order to ensure representation of college-wide interests and philosophy, specific entities are represented on the CASC committee. Likewise, in order to encourage full participation by a diversified professional group, members from the previous academic year, and others at the discretion of the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, will be asked to participate. A member may be considered for additional terms of membership but appointments must be recommended and approved annually by the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction and the Vice President of Instruction.

Appointments represent the following entities: faculty members (representative of the academic divisions), the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, the Director of Institutional Research/ALO, the Director of Financial Aid, Director of Enrollment Services, and a representative from Advising. Others may attend as ad-hoc (non-voting members). At all times faculty representation must exceed non-faculty representation. The Curriculum and Scheduling Office sets the schedule of CASC meetings each June for the next academic year so faculty may coordinate their teaching schedules and plan for curriculum modifications as applicable.

ROLE: Criteria for selection of committee members are dependent on the following role and qualifications:

  • understands the mission of a comprehensive community college.
  • understands the curriculum development process.
  • represents the interests of one or more departments or an academic division.
  • communicates effectively between constituents and committee.
  • follows up on assignments and pays attention to detail.
  • makes objective and rational decisions (no vested interest).
  • supports the decision of the committee once it is finalized.
  • understands the impact of curriculum changes on course transferability.
  • maintains a professional demeanor in a leadership role.
  • understands and follows parliamentary procedures (Robert’s Rules).

Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee Representative (CASC Rep) functions are as follows:

  • becomes familiar with the processes and procedures for review and approval of curriculum proposals.
  • serves in a consulting/advisory role to Department Chairs, faculty and the Dean throughout the review process.
  • helps the committee review the technical and logistical aspects of each proposal.
  • assists the Dean in assessing how the proposal fits into the college-wide curriculum.
  • presents division/department-approved curriculum proposal at CASC meetings.
  • ensures that all appropriate forms are accurately completed prior to approval at CASC.

The CASC Chair is nominated by the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction and elected from among the appointed members. Voting on all action items is as follows:

  • the chair will ask for a move to vote.
  • the motion will be moved by a committee member.
  • the motion will be seconded by a committee member.
  • a simple majority vote is sufficient for a motion to pass.
  • both affirmative and negative votes are recorded for the record.
  • the presence of fifty-one percent faculty attendance constitutes a quorum.

The chair’s functions are as follows:

  • participates in preliminary review of proposals with the Dean of Instruction and Curriculum.
  • convenes meeting where/when quorum is present.
  • serves as liaison between faculty and Dean of Instruction’s office.
  • conducts discussion/vote.

CASC addresses new courses/programs, faculty template changes related to curriculum (e.g. syllabus, course outlines, course program guide outlines), course/program deletions, and major course and program modifications. CASC does not address the following:

  • instructor qualifications to teach a course.
  • teaching assignments or schedules.
  • courses identified with the numbers 98 or 99.
  • course or program costs.
  • full-time and part-time salaries

Date Adopted: 06/25/2018

Date Revised: