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Curriculum Proposals Timeline (AP-102)



Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, 541-956-7279

Purpose: To develop timelines to meet catalog and implementation deadlines for the following academic year.

Developing new programs is a lengthy process and care should be taken to ensure each program is set up to ensure maximum student success. For this reason, generous timelines are suggested for new program development. Though not all steps are necessary for every program (see procedure AP-101), dates are provided for all steps to be utilized as needed.

  1. Advisory meetings and stakeholder interest for new programs and new courses should be gathered in Spring Advisory Board or Department meetings.
  2. Rationale forms/Proposals for new courses and programs should be developed during the summer and early fall term. 
  3. Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee (CASC) approval, Executive Team approval, RCC Board approval, and Letters of Intent (LOI) to the Community College Workforce Department (CCWD), should be secured in fall term.
  4. Curriculum should be developed in fall term after the proposals have been approved.
  5. In January, Program Guides should be approved by CASC.
  6. In January/February the new curriculum should be entered into the WebForms database by the Data Management Specialist in the Curriculum Office (DMS-C).
  7. In March, catalog information should be developed. Other publications, such as graduation guides should also be developed during spring term by the DMS-C.
  8. In April, the summer/fall schedule must be developed by faculty and entered into 25 Live by the Data Management Specialist in Scheduling (DMS-S).
  9. All publications must be finalized by April and May.
  10. A detailed Curriculum and Scheduling production calendar can be found in Appendix G.


Date Adopted: 06/12/2018

Date Revised: