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Domestic Violence (AP-064)



Note: This policy has been rescinded by AP 3430 Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment, AP 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Reports, and AP 3515 Reporting of Crimes. Please see these separate documents for updated information.

Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, Ext. 7017

Description: Domestic violence is abusive behavior that is physical, sexual and/or psychological and is intended to establish and maintain control over a partner.

Safety and Security: Rogue Community College (RCC or the College) will not tolerate domestic violence including harassment of any employee or student while on our campuses and other facilities. This includes physical, verbal and non-verbal threats, threatening behavior, related actions against RCC employees, students, visitors, guests or other individuals by anyone on RCC property that may result in physical or emotional injury or otherwise place one’s safety and productivity at risk.

Any employee or student who threatens, harasses or abuses someone at RCC or uses college resources such as work time, offices or classrooms, phones, fax machines, mail, email or other means to threaten, harass, or abuse someone may be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal and/or expulsion. Disciplinary action may also be taken against students or employees who are arrested, convicted or issued a permanent injunction as a result of domestic violence when such action has a direct connection to the student’s or employee’s performance at the College.

Restraining Orders: Individuals who apply for or obtain a protective or restraining order that lists RCC College campus(es) or other facilities as protected areas, should provide the College Security/Safety Officer with a copy of the related petition and declarations and/or the temporary or permanent protective or restraining order.

In cases of immediate threat or emergency, staff and students must call 9-1-1 as a first response.

Reporting and Confidentiality: Domestic violence victims and perpetrators are encouraged to tell a trusted instructor, co-worker, supervisor or manager, a human resources representative or a Title IX Coordinator: (Chauncey Kieley (Title IX, Students), , 541-245-7632; Sara Moye (Title IX, Employees),, 541-956-7017; or Curtis Sommerfeld (Title IX Lead);; 541-956-7238.

Victims may also contact the RCC Security/Safety Officer, 541-218-2930 (Redwood Campus (RWC));

541-218-2931 (Riverside and Table Rock campuses) about their situation and ask for assistance. After hours, call RWC Officer: 541-218-2930.

The College will provide resources and referral information (available from the individuals listed above, or the Counseling Departments), as needed. Work schedule adjustments or leave may also be provided, if necessary, for assistance with domestic violence situations in compliance with state and federal law.

All reports of domestic violence will be treated with confidentiality and respect for the privacy of the reporting individual(s) and will be directed to the College’s Security/Safety Office.

Reports of employee misconduct will be immediately referred to the Director of Human Resources and Risk Management. And, reports of student misconduct will be immediately referred to the Compliance Coordinator, Student Services. There will be no reprisals taken against an employee or student solely for being a victim of harassment in the workplace.


Date Adopted: 09/21/2015

Date Revised: