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Donated Sick Leave (AP-062)



Procedure: DONATED SICK LEAVE (AP-062)
Human Resources, Ext. 7017

PURPOSE: The purpose of the RCC sick leave donation program is to provide up to 160 hours of sick leave to college employees in benefits eligible full-time or part-time positions in the event a catastrophic illness or injury to the employee, or the employee’s immediate family member, exhausts the employee’s accumulated paid leave.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the sick leave donation program, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The employee is a regular (non-probationary) benefits eligible employee.
  2. The employee has depleted their individual accumulated paid leave, including sick leave, contract leave, and vacation.
  3. The employee has a life-threatening or catastrophic illness or injury preventing the employee from performing the duties of their position, or the employee is the primary caregiver for an immediate family member suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury.
  4. The employee has submitted a medical certification form completed and signed by a health care professional that specifies the nature of the injury or illness of the employee or family member, the inability of the employee to return to work or ability to return to limited or modified duty, and the approximate length of the absence.
  5. The employee is not eligible for lost time compensation under Worker’s Compensation, PERS disability, or other disability benefits.
  6. The request for donated sick leave does not include any retroactive time off prior to Executive Team approval except for unexpected emergencies.


PROCEDURE: Having met all of the above criteria, the employee must:

  1. Submit a written request for donated sick leave along with a medical certification form as stated in No. 4 above to Human Resources.
  2. Human Resources will confirm eligibility for donated sick leave and forward the written request to E-team for review and approval or disapproval according to these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Upon notification by E-team that the request has been approved, the Human Resources will notify the employee and send out a college-wide email requesting donated sick leave. The name of the employee will remain anonymous to the fullest extent possible.

PROCESS: Any one employee may receive no more than 160 hours of donated sick leave in a 12-month period, with the 12 months starting on the first day donated sick leave is used. Donated sick leave hours will be pro-rated to the employee’s average percent over the most recent 12-month period, based on 160 hours maximum for 100 percent FTE employees. Donated sick leave hours may be used only for absences from the employee’s benefits eligible position (i.e. donated sick leave hours may not be used for temporary employment or other part-time positions the employee might hold in addition to their regular position). No additional paid leave (sick leave, contract leave, or vacation) will accrue while using donated sick leave. (i.e., if donated sick leave is used for partial workday absences, no sick leave, contract, or vacation will accrue). Donated sick leave will be irrevocably deducted from the accumulated sick leave balance of the donors in the order received after the request for donations has gone out. Should more than 160 hours of donated sick leave be received, those hours will be returned to the donor. A donor may donate up to 40 hours only to the extent that the donor’s remaining sick leave balance is equivalent to one year of the donor’s sick leave accrual.

Upon the expiration of eligibility for donated sick leave, if the employee has not returned to work due to the illness or injury, the employee may request an unpaid leave of absence in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or management handbook.


Date Adopted: 6/12/2016

Date Revised: