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Firearms Enforcement (AP-015-a)



College Services, Ext. 7238

RCC Procedure AP-015 states “No firearms, explosives, ammunition, or fireworks of any kind are permitted to be carried or used on campus except by authorized civil authorities in the discharge of their duties.”

The RCC Firearms Procedure will be enforced upon notification a student is or has been carrying a weapon on the property of Rogue Community College. An appropriate incident report will always be filed.

If the student appears to be an immediate threat to the safety of themselves or others the following shall occur:

  • Local law enforcement will be notified.
  • The Emergency Lockdown Procedure will be implemented.
  • The student will not be approached in such a case.

If the student does not appear to be an immediate threat to the safety of themselves or others, the following shall occur:

(NOTE: If at any time during this process the student appears to be a threat to the safety of themselves or others, the process will be interrupted and the immediate threat response protocol outlined above will be applied.)

1. The student will be approached by two RCC staff, of which one is typically a member of the safety/security staff, and also of which at least one is to be a manager. Alternatively, contact may be made by contracted security personnel.

a. The student should be contacted out of class.

b. The meeting should be held, as practicable, away from the view of other students.

c. The meeting, unless circumstances clearly dictate otherwise, should not be handled in an aggressive, confrontational, or accusatory manner.

2. The student will be asked if they are currently in possession of a weapon and informed of relevant college policies:

  • College policy AP-015 regulating firearms on campus.
  • Student Code of Conduct 9.1.1 (Defying institutional authority, engaging in willful disobedience or otherwise disrupting the educational process).
  • Student Code of Conduct 9.1.3 (Threatening the safety of themselves or others, disrupting the educational process, or otherwise violating college policy or procedure).

3. If they are not currently in possession, inform them they have been identified as a person carrying a weapon on campus.

4. If they are currently in possession:

  • If the student’s weapon is concealed, the student will be asked for the appropriate “carry” documentation. If they do not possess appropriate “carry” documentation, local law enforcement will be notified following the interview.
  • The student will be asked to remove the weapon from their person when on any RCC property. “Removal” of the weapon may include storage in the student’s personal and locked vehicle with the weapon not visible from any angle.
  • If the student refuses, they are to be treated according to the Student Code of Conduct section on Resolution (9.2) and/or Sanctions (9.3). “Immediate Exclusion” (9.3.2) from the College will typically be the preferred response.


Date Adopted: 5/20/12

Date Revised: