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Political Activities and Restrictions (AP-043)



Procedure: Political Activities and Restrictions (AP-043)
: President’s Office, Ext. 7087

Pursuant to ORS 260.432, Restrictions on Political Campaigning for Public Employees, a public employee may not promote or oppose election petitions, candidates, political committees, or ballot measures when on the job during working hours.

Examples of prohibited activity include soliciting money, influence, service or other thing of value, gathering signatures on initiatives, preparing or distributing written material, posting website information, transmitting emails, or making presentations that advocate or oppose a political committee, election petition, candidate or ballot measure while on the job during working hours.

Wearing political buttons is permitted; however, employees may not distribute or display campaign materials during work time.

Campaign signs on or in public (RCC) buildings are not regulated by election law, but require equal representation. Failure to do that may constitute an election law violation. Therefore, RCC requires that distribution of information and posting of pamphlets, signs, leaflets, or posters be authorized by the College President or Vice President.

RCC and Oregon state law does not restrict the right of public employees to express personal political views except to the extent prohibited by law and not while on the job during working hours.

For a link to the Secretary of State’s Quick Reference Guide on prohibited and allowable activities for public employees and elected officials go to: restrictions/pdf.


Date Adopted:03/26/2009

Date Revised: