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Surplus Property (AP-055)



Procedure: SURPLUS PROPERTY (AP-055)
Director of Facilities and Operations, Ext. 7333

Surplus property includes materials and equipment that no longer have a useful purpose to the College. These items include, but are not limited to vehicles, equipment, office furniture, electronics, and classroom furnishings.

In accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 279A.280 (Disposal of Surplus Property) the College may donate, dispose of, or offer surplus property for sale. All surplus items must be approved by the Vice President of College Services.

  1. Steps for Declaring Surplus Items:
    1. Send an email to the Contract and Procurement Manager with a short description of the item(s), including make(s), model(s), serial number(s), and any RCC asset tag number(s).
    2. Once the items are approved as surplus, the department requesting approval of surplus item(s) will be notified.
    3. The requesting department will then create a work order for Facilities and Operations to remove the item(s) for recycle or disposal.
  2. Donation of Surplus Property may be Designated as Follows:
    1. To other governmental organizations including city, state, and county offices.
    2. To other public or private educational institutions such as K-12, charter schools, and other higher education institutions.
    3. To other non-profit businesses that do not use donated items for resale.
      Once the item(s) are approved for donation surplus, the Contract and Procurement Office will send a letter to the intended recipient, with an itemized list of item(s) donated, and a receipt to be signed upon taking possession of the items.
  3. Sale of Surplus Property should be Handled as Follows:
    1. The Contract and Procurement Office will be the main contact for selling surplus property and will work with college departments to manage the processes as appropriate.
    2. Items must be sold in accordance with ORS 279B.055 (Competitive Sealed Bidding) or ORS 279B.060 (Competitive Sealed Proposals):
      • Sale by professional auction.
      • Sale by silent auction as advertised on the College’s Website, Craigslist, E-Bay, or local newspapers.
    3. Sales will be open to the public and may be open to RCC employees; however, employees who are involved in the administration of the sale, or members of the department disposing of the item(s) are prohibited from purchasing items.
    4. Proceeds received from the sale of surplus property belong to the College as a whole and not specifically to any particular department.
  4. Disposal of Surplus Property
    1. Equipment, office furniture, electronics, classroom furnishings and similar items, excluding vehicles, may be disposed of (recycled when feasible) when the items have no value or are in a state of disrepair.
    2. Vehicles must be dismantled and recycled as follows:
      1. Notice of intent to dismantle, including date of anticipated completion along with the make, model, body style, vehicle identification number, plate number, and asset tag number (if applicable), should be given to the Contract and Procurement Office prior to dismantling of the vehicle.
      2. The Contract and Procurement Office will complete the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) paperwork and work with the Risk Management Office to gather the title and any other ownership documents. The documentation will be mailed to DMV, as required, and the College’s name will be removed from the vehicle’s ownership records.

Rogue Community College Foundation: Within the first two years of receipt, surplus items donated through the RCC Foundation valued at $5,000 (five thousand dollars) or more, will require notification to the College Foundation in writing, within one week of disposal, donation, or sale in order to comply with IRS regulations. For more information about College donations, contact the assistant director, RCC Foundation at 541-956-7294.

Date Adopted:

Date Revised: 11-21-2012