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Vacant Positions (AP-030)



Note: This policy has been rescinded by AP 7120 Recruitment and Hiring. Please see this separate document for updated information.

Procedure: VACANT POSITIONS (AP-030)
: Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, Ext. 7017


Whenever position vacancies occur, the Vice President of College Services and the vice president or dean of the affected division or department will discuss and review the position prior to the position being opened to candidates or advertised for the purpose of ascertaining if the position is classified at the correct level to accomplish the work of the College.

In cases where new positions are needed or created the position must be discussed and approved by Executive Team prior to announcement. The requestor should provide Executive Team with a completed “Position Authorization” form (attached) for consideration and review, including funding source/account number. Once approve the Vice President of College Services will forward the authorization information to the Director of Human Resources and Risk Management.

In order to fill a vacancy, Human Resources will fill out an “RCC Personnel Action” form (also attached). The form must be signed by the employee affected, the appropriate vice president or dean and Human Resources. This form is used for changes in status of an employee, such as title, salary, name changes, changes from probationary to regular, to terminated, and for address and telephone number changes. Contact the Director of Human Resources and Risk Management for assistance.

Screening Committees: Committees are assigned by the hiring supervisor with input from the appropriate vice president, dean, or designee, to review applicant criterion, screen applications, select candidates for interviews; prepare interview questions, conduct the interviews and recommend candidates to the appropriate vice president, dean or college president for hire.


Date Adopted: 11/21/12

Date Revised: