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Voluntary Fees (AP-049)



Procedure: VOLUNTARY FEES (AP-049)
: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ext. 7293

Introduction: Voluntary fees at Rogue Community College (RCC) commenced with the 2014/15 fiscal year. The fees collected are to be used for the benefit of RCC students. The purpose of these guidelines is to establish processes for use of the fees.

The initial voluntary fee categories are Arts, Athletics and Sustainability. The fee revenue and potential expenditure are accounted for in the “Voluntary Fee” department in RCC’s general ledger. The amount available for expenditure is dependent upon the revenue collected and fund balance accumulated, if any. Each fee category is designated by a project code and, therefore, tracked by fee.

Fee Categories: The current area of responsibility and intended purpose of expenditures for each category subject to these guidelines are as follows:

Responsible Party: Dean of the School of Arts and Technology
Purpose: To cover expenses for extra things not supported by other areas of the College; new opportunities; art events; debate team; etc.

Responsible Party: Vice President of Student Services and Athletic Director
Purpose: To cover expenses for NWAC related activities; seed funding for development of new sports programs.

Responsible Party: RCC Green Team
Purpose: To cover expenses for college-approved sustainability activities.

Maintenance: The CFO and Registrar will maintain appearance and placement of information on the RCC website, determine the location of the fee option in the payment/registration screen and in the College’s systems.

Advertising: For purposes of advertising, no fee shall receive preferential treatment nor special emphasis. All fees are to be promoted equally.

Unpaid Fees: If a student has not made payment on their account, to include voluntary fee(s), the fee may be reversed prior to the student being sent for collections. The reversal of the fee would result in the reduction of that particular fees revenue in the year that the reversal takes place.


Date Adopted: 06/29/2015

Date Revised: