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Workplace Violence (AP-063)



Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, Ext. 7017

Safety and Security - The safety and security of Rogue Community College (RCC) students and employees is of major importance to the College.

Verbal and non-verbal threats, threatening behavior, acts of violence and related actions against RCC employees, students, visitors, guests or other individuals by anyone on RCC property will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal, expulsion and/or prosecution.

Dangerous Weapons - No person may be in possession of a firearm, destructive device, or other dangerous weapon or give the appearance of being in possession of a dangerous weapon, as defined by ORS 161.015, while on duty or attending classes on RCC-controlled property, or otherwise on the premises, unless such possession is authorized. Authorization must be obtained from the College President, in writing. Peace officers or other public safety personnel that are permitted by law to carry weapons while on duty shall be automatically authorized to possess those weapons under this subsection. Such authorization may include use in conjunction with approved instructional demonstrations by public safety officers, members of the armed forces or otherwise for campus safety.

Violent Acts - Any person(s) who make(s) substantial threats, exhibit(s) threatening behavior, or engage(s) in violent act(s) on RCC property will be immediately removed from the premises and may not return to RCC premises without written permission from the College President. The College will immediately review the matter and after review shall take appropriate action that may include, but is not limited to, suspension, or termination of any business relationship, reassignment of job duties, suspension or termination of employment or enrollment, and/or criminal prosecution, if applicable.

Staff and students are directed to call the local 9-1-1 operator as a first response in the case of an immediate threat or emergency situation.

Reporting Violent Acts - Notwithstanding the relationship between the individual initiating the threat or threatening behavior and the person(s) threatened, all RCC students and employees have a responsibility to report to their instructors, supervisors, security personnel, human resources or human rights network representatives, any threats they have witnessed, received, or been told that another person has witnessed or received. Any RCC employee or authority receiving such a report shall pass it along immediately to the College’s Security/Safety Officer (Facilities and Operations Department). Redwood Campus: 541-218-2930. Riverside and Table Rock Campuses: 541-218-2931 during normal class hours. After hours, call the Redwood Campus: 541-218-2930.

The Safety/Security Officer will prepare an incident report for review and immediate action. Reports of employee misconduct will be immediately referred to the Director of Human Resources. Reports of student misconduct will be immediately referred to the Compliance Coordinator, Student Services. Likewise, students and employees are encouraged to suggest ways to reduce or eliminate risk that will also be recorded by the designated Security/Safety Officer or Risk Management Coordinator for assessment.

Even without an actual threat, students and employees have a duty to report to their instructors, supervisors, security, or human resources personnel any job-related or classroom-related behavior they regard as threatening or violent or that might be a security risk on an RCC-controlled site.

Restraining Orders - Individuals who apply for or obtain a protective or restraining order that lists RCC campuses or other facilities as protected areas, should provide the College Safety/Security Officer with a copy of the related petition and declarations and/or the temporary or permanent protective or restraining order.

Confidentiality - All reports will be treated with confidentiality and respect for the privacy of the reporting individual(s) and will be directed to the designated College Security/Safety Officer or other RCC administrator(s) as deemed appropriate. There will be no reprisals taken against an employee or student who reports or experiences workplace violence.


Date Adopted: 09/21/2015

Date Revised: