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College Now

apply for college now RCC's College Now dual enrollment program allows high school students to earn college credit for free in selected high school classes at the same time they are earning credit toward their high school diploma!

If you are taking a class taught by your high school teacher, you have a two-step online process to sign up for your College Now class. 

Step 1

Plan Your Courses
Review the recommended High School Program Options to plan a course of study you would like to pursue.

After planning on an academic path to pursue, high school students can view a list of classes available at their high school to see if any of the approved classes apply towards a chosen plan of study.

Step 2

Apply to RCC
Apply for RCC admissions one time. If you already have a RCC ID number, you do not need to apply again. If you aren't sure, contact for assistance.

Step 3

Complete the Placement Process
Complete the placement process one time as part of admissions. Once you have completed this process and started taking classes, you will not do it again.
Placement tests are offered through your high school or at RCC.

Step 4
Register Online
Obtain an RCC ID (This creates your RCC student account) by clicking the Apply Today button.
Register with a Permission Code (Students will obtain a registration flyer with the class permission code directly from their high school instructor for each College Now course they are enrolling in).

Step 5
Monitor Your Progress/College Credits
Learn how to do a degree audit and check your transcripts.
The best resources for information about College Now at your high school are:

Does your high school class offer dual credit options through SOU, RCC, and/or Advanced Placement (AP)? Review the options with your high school teacher and on the  AP-SOU-RCC Dual Credit Options Flyer