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College Now

apply for college now If you are taking a class taught by your high school teacher, you have a two-step online process to sign up for your College Now class. College Now classes are free.

Step 1

Plan Your Courses
Review the recommended High School Program Options to plan a course of study you would like to pursue.

After planning on an academic path to pursue, high school students can view a list of classes available at their high school to see if any of the approved classes apply towards a chosen plan of study.

Step 2
Register Online
Obtain an RCC ID (This creates your RCC student account) by clicking the Apply Today button.
Register with a Permission Code (Students will obtain a registration flyer with the class permission code directly from their high school instructor for each College Now course they are enrolling in).

Step 3

Step 4
Monitor Your Progress/College Credits
Learn how to do a degree audit and check your transcripts.
The best resources for information about College Now at your high school are:

Does your high school class offer dual credit options through SOU, RCC, and/or Advanced Placement (AP)? Review the options with your high school teacher and on the  AP-SOU-RCC Dual Credit Options Flyer