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Costs and Payment

Early College

Early College courses are offered at a discount rate if billed/approved by the high school. To make sure the high school will pay for your college course:

  • Check with your high school to ensure the 3rd party Voucher Form (for billing the high school) is submitted by the first day of each term you are participating in.  Sample Voucher Form.
  • If I am enrolled in a partnership program such as Early College, it is my responsibility to ensure that the courses I’m registering for is approved and authorized by my high school for me to take. (We encourage you to work closely with your high school staff to ensure you understand who is paying for the course.)
  • I will discuss this with my High School Liaison. If I do not drop a course by the drop deadline, I am financially liable for it, with or without outside financial assistance. (Please see the course catalog for the drop deadline for courses that are not term-length.)

Students are encouraged to pair the free College Now course offerings at their high school to complete an RCC certificate or plan of study. 

College Now

Free! RCC offers College Now courses for free to local participating high schools.

Did you know Southern Oregon University’s similar program, “Advanced Southern Credit," costs $41/credit ($164 for most classes).

Paying Out-of-Pocket

Payment may be made in cash (U.S. funds only), and by check (personal checks, traveler's check, cashier's check and money orders). Please make checks payable to RCC, and make sure the student's name and student ID number is clearly written on the face of the check. Payment also may be made by credit card: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express or by installment tuition.

Paying for College: You are not eligible for federal financial aid until you complete your High School diploma or GED. You can apply for RCC scholarships or participate in partnership programs such as College Now or Early College, or apply for RCC student employment if you are eligible.