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Credits with a Purpose

If you chose to earn college credits while in high school or being home schooled, it is important to select those credits with a purpose. We recommend earning credits that are relevant to your career and college goals, and thus they are more transferable or can count towards your selected degree program after high school.

Why does it matter what college credits you earn in high school? While the credits may be free to you, a high school student, or at a discounted rate, they might have an impact on your future.

Did you know:

  • Your grade is part of your official college transcript. If you don't pass a class, that GPA and course continues with you after high school on your college transcript. This may impact your ability to get financial aid, scholarships, or register for classes. Make sure you take your college classes seriously and talk with your instructors when you need assistance or are concerned about your classes.
  • Eligible students can receive free money for college tuition after high school through the Oregon Promise Grant. This includes paying up to 90 credits attempted. As you earn college credits in high school, there will be less credits you’ll be eligible to earn through Oregon Promise after graduation. Tip: Select classes that will apply toward your degree or certificate, and make sure you pass and complete the class.