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LifeLong Learners

apply to be a lifelong learner at RCC todayWho is eligible?
Oregon residents, 65 years or older

What does the waiver cover?
Tuition for up to 8 audited credits per term

What are the requirements?

  • Be admitted to Rogue Community College
  • Meet course pre-requisites
  • Pay applicable fees
  • Purchase and pay for books
  • Attend class(es)

* General education classes are eligible; Academic Skills and Career Technical classes are not.

How do I get started?
Fill out the online admission application. You will receive an automatic response on the screen. Print this document (or print to a PDF and save the file on your computer). It has your student ID number and the next steps for enrollment. Follow the steps on the response letter. Need help with this? Contact

How do I register?
Register for classes online by following the steps on your admission response letter. Then attend class!

How will I have my tuition waived?
In the second week of the term, you will receive a phone call from an Enrollment Specialist. At that time, you will find out how much you owe in course fees and will have the opportunity to pay over the phone with a credit card.

If you prefer, you may visit Rogue Central on any campus to pay in person. A Rogue Central Specialist will apply the waiver to your tuition. If you have questions, e-mail


College Service and Technology Fees

1 $67
2 $74
3 $81
4 $88
5 $95
6 $142
7 $149
8 $156

Some classes have additional fees. These are listed when you register.