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Prerequisites and the Placement Process


Many of RCC credit-courses have prerequisites, requiring a certain level of math, reading and writing competency. As you progress in a certificate or degree, they will then require additional classes as well.  You can find the prerequisites listed under the course descriptions.

In order to be eligible to take a specific course, you must meet the prerequisite. There a many ways to meet a prerequisite, including taking the course listed (and getting a passing grade) or completing the placement process.

Students only need to complete the placement process one time. This is when you are a new RCC student, or taking RCC credits for the first time. Once you have completed the placement process for reading, writing and math, the placement is recorded in your student record and you can then register for the classes you are eligible for. After this first term placement is complete, the RCC credits you earn will be used to determine your eligibility for the next course you register for.


RCC’s placement process provides multiple options for students to determine their initial course placement and which classes they can register for. 

All freshman and sophomore high school students taking RCC courses will need to take the Accuplacer Next Gen Assessment.

Juniors and Seniors may complete the placement process by submitting a form with their High School GPA and course grades. Other options to complete the first term placement is to submit SAT/ACT or AP scores, GED scores, college transcripts (from another college). We can accept any combination of these options to place you.

Please visit The Placement Process webpage for more information.
Questions? Contact RCC’s Admission Coaches at or call 541-956-7217.

RCC Assessment Proctors at Local High Schools

Most high schools have an approved staff member to administer the RCC Accuplacer Next Gen Assessment. Accuplacer Next Gen is the name of the assessment tool that RCC uses for course placement. It tells each student the college-level classes they place into.

Contact your school Assessment Proctor for scheduling an Accuplacer Next Gen placement assessment at your high school.

You can also sign-up and take a Placement Assessment on a RCC campus.  For more information please call 541-956-7217 or email