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RCC Admissions

Welcome to RCC!

We are happy you have chosen to continue your education at Rogue Community College.
Here are a few tips while you go through the application process.

  1. The first screen will ask you to fill out your personal information.
  2. Click ”Continue”

    create account screen for application process

  3. The second page of this account creation process is an important one.

    Username screen for application account creation

    1. Your login name is indicated on this page based off of your personal information.
      PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS! You could even copy* the user name from here in order to paste it into the login window .(You may notice a number added to your user name. This is because there is already a student with the same name in our system.) 
      *TIP: To copy, highlight your username and select the "CTRL" and "C" buttons (Windows) or "Command" and "C" (Mac) on your keyboard at the same time. You'll need this for the next page. 
    2. You can then create your own password. Remember this for the next screen.
    3.  Choose some security questions to use if you forget your password moving forward.
    4. Click “Create Account”
  4. You will then be taken to a login page. (This page is driven by Microsoft. If you already have a Microsoft account, you may see your other saved usernames here. Choose “Use another account” if that is the case.)

signin screen for myRogue application process

  1. Enter or paste* your user name that was created from the previous screen here. 
    *TIP: To paste, click into the username field and select  the "CTRL" and "P" buttons on your keyboard (Windows) or "Command" and "P" (Mac) at the same time.
    Click “Next”
  2. Enter your password that you created from the previous screen.


You will then be launched into our application form. Your first and last name will auto-populate on this form. Please verify the spelling of your first and last name.

  1. Please fill this out as best as you can, making sure to fill out all of the required (*) fields.
    TIP: Make sure to select the correct type of student you are, major, what kind of degree you want, and what term you want to start classes. Based on these answers, your next steps to registration and the courses offered to you will be generated. If you have questions about these selections, please contact Admissions & Recruitment.
  2. You will receive communications from regarding your application status and next steps.

Ready to get started? Click here to apply to RCC.

Thank you for applying to RCC. We look forward to helping you through the process of becoming a student here!

For assistance, please contact Admissions and Recruitment at or call 541-956-7217