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RCC STEP Program

STEP (SNAP Training and Employment Program)

What is STEP?
STEP is a program offered throughout Oregon and here at Rogue Community College for individuals receiving SNAP benefits and who are interested in pursuing employment and/or training opportunities.

What is STEP at Rogue (RCC)?
STEP at Rogue is offered to students who have a qualifying degree with a specific job in mind and are currently receiving SNAP benefits (and not TANF-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Students in the STEP program will receive paid support services, career coaching and many other support services.

STEP Services Provided at Rogue: Active participants benefit from the following services:

  • College and Career Success Coaching
  • Paid Services: Textbooks and Transportation
  • Connection to Tutoring Support
  • Career Exploration and Preparation
  • Connection to College Resources
  • Local Community STEP Partnerships
  • Employer Connections

Who is eligible for STEP at RCC?

How do I enroll in STEP at Rogue Community College?

Contact Rogue Community College’s SNAP Training & Employment Program Faculty Coordinator, Brandon Atkins at batkins@roguecc.edu541-956-7263