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Riverside and Table Rock Clubs

Student clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new people, learn to work in groups, get involved around campus, learn leadership skills, and form lasting friendships with others who have similar interests.

The ASGRCC encourages students to get involved with existing clubs or even to form new clubs around campus. If you are interested in getting involved with any clubs or organizations, talk with the group advisor listed below.

If you would like more information about how to start a new club or organization, see the Starting a new Student Club or Organization. If you have questions, please contact your campus ASGRCC representatives.

Club Advisors

Welcome to club advising. Depending upon the mission and activities of the club, clubs members’ needs will vary, so they may look to you for assistance and guidance. The Advisor's Handbook is designed to help guide you through your club advising responsibilities. If any questions arise, please contact the ASGRCC advisor at 541-245-7727 on the Riverside Campus.

Riverside and Table Rock Campus Clubs:

Alpha Zeta Pi

Advisor: Jessica Jones

Chess Club

President: Jasper Meadows
(541) 292-1820

Advisor: Chelsea Daugherty
(541) 245-7707

Drama Club

Life is full of DRAMA so why not join the club?

President: Michael Surgeon
(541) 414-9697

Advisor: Cil Stengel
(541) 245-7707

Environmental Club

President: Johnathan Stillwagon
(541) 930-0695

Advisor: Tom Pike
(541) 245-7558

Film Club

President: Yadira Villa
(541) 821-9889

Advisor: Marina Whitchurch
(541) 298-1558

Game Society

President: Ramiro Alvarado
(702) 619-8239

Advisor: Darren Van Lehn
(541) 245-7770


President: Ash Devi-Dasi
(541) 250-2753

Advisor: Daniel Elash
(541) 450-5295

Math Pi-Rates

President: Nathaniel Fichera
(541) 499-2873

Advisor: Doug Gardener
(541) 245-7505

Meditation Club

President: Jason Ashworth
(541) 499-1753

Advisor: Brandon Atkins
(541) 245-7701

Osprey FC

President: Mauricio Sanchez
(541) 529-7704

Advisor: Darren Van Lehn
(541) 245-7770

Rogue Engineers

President: Thomas Close
(458) 212-0397

Advisor: James “Dusty” Rittenbach
(541) 245-7513

Secular Student Alliance

President: Michael Surgeon
(541) 414-9697

Advisor: Daniel Elash
(541) 918-7247

Young Democrats

President: Michael Surgeon
(541) 414-9697

Advisor: Daniel Elash
(541) 918-7247