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Student clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new people, learn to work in groups, get involved around campus, learn leadership skills, and form lasting friendships with others who have similar interests.

The ASGRCC encourages students to get involved with existing clubs or even to form new clubs around campus. If you are interested in getting involved with any clubs or organizations, talk with the group advisor listed below.

If you would like more information about how to start a new club or organization, see the Starting a new Student Club or Organization. If you have questions, please contact your campus ASGRCC representatives.


Visit the RCC Student Life calendar to learn what ASG RWC has organized.

Library Social Nights

Redwood Campus Library

Winter Term TBA:

Contact for more info.

Club Advisors

Welcome to club advising. Depending upon the mission and activities of the club, clubs members’ needs will vary, so they may look to you for assistance and guidance. The Advisor's Handbook is designed to help guide you through your club advising responsibilities. If any questions arise, please contact the ASGRCC advisor at 541-956-7033 on the Redwood Campus.

Redwood Clubs

For club information, please visit the Student Government office located in the Student Center or call 541-956-7033.

Other ways to join in

Association of Women in Community Colleges - RCC chapter (AAWCC-RCC) holds fundraising events that support student scholarships and programs. Each year, they give at least one scholarship for $1000 to an RCC student through the RCC Foundation. The members of AAWCC-RCC are a great group of people who really love helping RCC students succeed. New in 2018, AAWCC-RCC is offering student memberships for just $5 for the year. Volunteering is a great item for your resume.