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Board Policies

Board policy consists of formally adopted written statements that constitute basic Board leadership and provide direction to the President and staff in matters of decision-making and/or specific actions. Board policy is reviewed monthly; however, unless circumstances require immediate action, “no policy shall be voted upon at the first meeting during which it is discussed.” I.D.080. 

RCC is in a multi-year process to review the policies of Rogue Community College. As this is an evolving process, new policies that have been approved by the Board are posted at the new and updated board policies page. For existing policies not yet reviewed and approved please see below.

Article I: Board of Education

Section A: Mission and Membership
  • I.A.010: Mission, Vision, Values and Core Themes
  • I.A.020: Organization and Authority
  • I.A.030: Qualification and Election
  • I.A.040: Vacancies
  • I.A.050: Compensation
Section B: Authority
Section C: Duties
Section D: Meetings
Section E: Miscellaneous
  • I.E.010: Tax Exempt Status
  • I.E.020: Reimbursement for Expenses
  • I.E.030: Pecuniary Interest in Contracts
  • I.E.040: Board Member Development

Article II: General Operations

Section A: Rights and Freedoms
Section B: Miscellaneous
  • II.B.010: Tobacco Use
  • II.B.020: Drug- and Alcohol-Free Campus
  • II.B.030: Firearms
  • II.B.040: Safety and Health See New BP-3500: Campus Safety
  • II.B.050: Gambling
  • II.B.060: Animals on Campus
  • II.B.070: Right to Appeal
  • II.B.080: Conduct of Persons on Campus
  • II.B.090: Emergency Preparedness
  • II.B.100: Infectious Diseases

Article III: Administration

Section: A: Miscellaneous

Article IV: Business and Non-Instructional Operations

Section A: Finance and Budget
  • IV.A.010: Budget Officer
  • IV.A.020: Budget Preparation and Adoption
  • IV.A.030: Transfer of Funds and Use of Contingency Account
  • IV.A.040: Accounting Systems
  • IV.A.050: Paying of Bills
  • IV.A.060: Financial Report
  • IV.A.070: Annual Audit/Appointment of Auditor
  • IV.A.080: Contract Review
  • IV.A.090: Identity Theft Program
  • IV.A.100: Banking Relationships
Section B: Purchasing/Inventory
  • IV.B.010: Purchasing Authority
  • IV.B.020: Responsibility for Breakage or Damage
  • IV.B.030: Disposal of College Surplus Materials and Equipment
  • IV.B.040: Employee Use of College-Owned Equipment
Section C: Facilities
  • IV.C.010: Facility Use
  • IV.C.020: Naming of Facilities
  • IV.C.030: Memorial Trees and Benches
Section D: Insurance
  • IV.D.010: Requirements
  • IV.D.020: Agents-of-Record
Article V: Human Resources/General
Section A: Hiring
  • V.A.010: Employment Practices and Equal Employment Opportunity
  • V.A.020: Affirmative Action
  • V.A. 030: Promotion and Recruitment
  • V.A. 040: Background Checks
Section B: Conduct/Ethics
  • V.B.010: Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics
  • V.B.020: Accepting Gifts
  • V.B.030: Soliciting Funds or Business on College Campuses
  • V.B.040: Outside Employment
  • V.B.050: Non-Discrimination
  • V.B.060:  Research on Human Subjects
Section C: Compensation
  • V.C.010: Insurance
  • V.C.020: Payroll Deductions
  • V.C.030: Tax-Sheltered Annuities
  • V.C.040: Workers' Compensation
  • V.C.050: Affordable Care Act Compliance
Section D: Miscellaneous
  • V.D.010: Performance Evaluation Guidelines
  • V.D.020: Travel Authorization
  • V.D.030: Management (Exempt) Contracts
  • V.D.040: Management Professional Growth Fund
  • V.D.050: Community Relations
  • V.D.060: Telecommuter Agreement
  • V.D.070: Emeritus Awards

Article VI: Human Resources/Instruction

Section A: Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  • VI.A.010: Academic Freedom
Section B: Duties, Workloads, Qualifications
  • VI.B.010: Qualifications of Instructors
  • VI.B.020: Faculty Hours on Campus
Section C: Compensation
  • VI.C.010: Publications and Inventions

Article VII: Students

Section A: Admissions, Finance, Enrollment
  • VII.A.010: Admissions
  • VII.A.020: Tuition and Fees
  • VII.A.030: Determination of Residence for Tuition Purposes
  • VII.A.040: Deferred Tuition
  • VII.A.050: Tuition Refund Policy
  • VII.A.060: Attendance
  • VII.A.070: Placement Process
  • VII.A.080: Degrees and Certificates
  • VII.A.090: Credits for Prior Learning
  • VII.A.100: Grading System
  • VII.A.110: Administrative Drop Policy
  • VII.A.120: Student Account Balance
  • VII.A.130: Last Date of Attendance
  • VII.A.140: Equal Access
Section B: Services
  • VII.B.010: Student Accident Insurance
  • VII.B.020: Health and Safety
Section C: Student Government/Activities
  • VII.C.010: Student Government
  • VII.C.020: ID Cards
  • VII.C.030: Organizations
  • VII.C.040: Club Advisors
  • VII.C.050: Extracurricular Activities
  • VII.C.060: Guest Speakers
  • VII.C.070: Public Performance
  • VII.C.080: Contests Students
Section D: Conduct
  • VII.D.010: Off-Campus Activities
  • VII.D.020: Code of Conduct

Article VIII: Instruction

Section A: Programs
  • VIII.A.010: Comprehensive Curriculum
  • VIII.A.020: Career/Technical Education
  • VIII.A.030: Curriculum Approval
  • VIII.A.040: Supplementary Class Activities
  • VIII.A.050: Dual Credit
  • VIII.A.060: Transfer and Articulation
Section B: Materials
  • VIII.B.010: Catalog
  • VIII.B.020: Selection of Instructional Materials
  • VIII.B.030: Textbooks and Manuals
Section C: Equipment/Facilities
  • VIII.C.010: Use of College-Owned Equipment
  • VIII.C.020: Services or Products Requiring Materials
Section D: Faculty/Activities
  • VIII.D.010: Faculty Senate
Section E: Instructional Delivery
  • VIII.E.010: Online Learning Accessibility
  • VIII.E.020: Credit Hour

Article IX: Community Relations

Section A: Miscellaneous
  • IX.A.010: Board Communications
  • IX.A.020: Staff Responsibilities
  • IX.A.030: Media Releases
  • IX.A.040: Citizens' Advisory Committee