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I am an employee and I want to complain about another employee

student complaint against an employee

Procedures used to resolve disputes.

  • Employees are held to the standards outlined in the Respectful College Community Procedure
  • Employees should refer to the Discrimination and Harassment Reports and Investigations procedure if they feel they have been subject to harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, use of native language, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, disability, age, pregnancy, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. Additionally, employees may reference the Workplace Harassment procedure.
  • Conflicts that involve potential violation of a CBA, contract, or handbook, will be handled pursuant to the terms of the applicable agreement.

For complaints not based on a protected class

  • If workplace conflict occurs, employees are encouraged to work informally with their colleagues and supervisor to resolve the issues involved. 
  • Complaints should be reported to your immediate supervisor. If you are not comfortable speaking with your supervisor regarding the incident(s), you may also contact your supervisor's manager, Human Resources at 541-956-7329, or a union representative (if applicable).

What the process will look like

  • Initial meeting with Immediate Supervisor and/or Human Resources – Describe complaint, provide information and any evidence, discuss options and intended outcome. Although the process is confidential, if certain people are identified as potential causes for workplace problems, they may be notified of the specific concerns as part of the investigative and resolution process.
  • You can select a support person of your choice – This can be a union representative or other person.
  • Direct resolution – Meet with the employee (support person present if applicable) and immediate supervisor(s) to discuss the problem and proposed resolution. If no satisfactory conclusion is reached, proceed to next step.
  • Appeal to Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer – Meet to discuss the problem and proposed resolution (support person present if applicable). Decision at this level is final.

How a decision is made to resolve a complaint

  • Supervisors, the Chief Human Resources Officer, and the designated Vice President will review statements by the parties, provided evidence, whether the proposed resolution is within their ability to grant, and any other relevant information.
  • Disciplinary action will be determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with any applicable CBA, contract, handbook, and/or progressive discipline manual. The complaint resolution process above may not be used to appeal personnel disciplinary decisions.