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An Apology From The President

Many of you, as well as staff and faculty, have encountered problems with registration, financial aid and student records this summer term. We apologize for these issues. We've heard your feedback. Our hearts have been moved by your stories. We care about you, and to be transparent we're telling you more about the situation.

On July 1, Rogue Community College launched an all new student information system called Campus Nexus. This included a new myRogue. This new system has been in development for two years and replaced a very outdated one from 1995 that was obsolete.

We expected Campus Nexus to have bugs, as all new systems do. But from the first day there were unexpected problems that made it impossible to efficiently process student financial aid and loans as well as several other issues with registration and student records. We believed the problems would be quickly resolved, but progress has been slower than anticipated.

Anthology, the company that made the software, is well aware of all the problems and they are putting all their resources into working closely with us to resolve them so that you can focus on your studies and not your loans or registration.

We deeply apologize for these delays and system glitches which have caused great stress for many of you. This is painful for us as well. The reason we all work for a community college is because we love helping students achieve their dreams. This desire and commitment has not changed. Right now, staff are working countless hours, evenings and weekends, to process loans, financial aid and registration. Many of you have left emails and messages and are still waiting for a reply. We are working on catching up. We will help you. We ask for your patience as these processes take more time right now.

We welcome your input. To share your thoughts or your situation, please visit our Comments and Concerns form.

While we resolve the problems with Campus Nexus and the new myRogue, we are here for you. In the midst of this pandemic, this is still a great time to be in college. For fall term our faculty is ready to provide you with the same great education, and we will continue to help you reach your goals. This is our pledge.

Thank you,

President Cathy Kemper-Pelle