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A few tips about Zoom

April 9, 2020

Good afternoon,

Welcome to spring term, and I hope you are staying safe. While we navigate these new waters, I wanted to reach out and go over a few things about Zoom.

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing solution that will be one of the main ways we communicate with you this term, as well as email and messages within Blackboard.

When you are setting up Zoom and it asks for your name, please use your first and last name, not a nickname or alias. Instructors will be using your name as an indicator that you belong in the class, and to take attendance. If your name does not match the class roster, you may not get into your class.

For your class time or meeting with an instructor, you will receive an invite link either in an email or they will post it in your class shell in Blackboard. The link will look like one of the two below. You do not need to buy anything or download anything beforehand; the link will do it for you. You can download and set things up beforehand, but it is not necessary.

If you have questions about Zoom or Blackboard, please contact our Blackboard Help Desk:

Joshua Ogle
Director of Instructional Media

zoom infographic on common tools of the program