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Financial aid timelines

Many students are asking for updates on the status of financial aid, loans and other questions. Staff are hard at work responding to all inquiries and providing answers. We are getting hundreds of inquiries per day, your patience is appreciated.

To help you right now, here are expected turnaround times:

If you submitted your FAFSA eight weeks ago (or more) and still do not have a confirmation, it may have been lost in the data transmission from the old to the new information system. If this is the case, we are so sorry. Please let us know by using the Student Comments and Concerns form, and your inquiry will be prioritized!

If you submitted a loan request, it will likely be processed within five weeks.

If you submitted an appeal, it will likely be reviewed and replied to within four weeks.

Professional Judgements are being reviewed within two weeks, and if corrections are necessary and the Judgement is approved, you will get an updated award in about three additional weeks.

Supplemental funds and emergency loans have been processed. If you believe you still have an unprocessed fund or loan, please contact

Disbursements are being done on a daily basis. If you received an award letter, but no payment for one week after the award letter, please contact

If you have not received a response based on these timeframes, it is possible your information was misplaced in the conversion to the new information system.  However, we can track down your information and reprocess as necessary. You are important! Please contact

If you would like to provide feedback or suggestions about the changes at RCC and the summer term, please fill out the form at this address:

Please contact us if this email was not helpful to you or your situation. We want to hear from you and we need to know who you are and what your experience is - or where you are stuck in our system - so we can correct the problem.