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An update about fall term

August 4, 2020

You've probably been wondering when we're going to return to campus. We're excited to let you know that RCC is planning to open campuses on a limited basis for fall term.
We will continue to offer most fall classes online but will provide in-person lab instruction for science and career technical courses that require hands-on learning that cannot be duplicated online. You will see this reflected in the fall course schedule available on our website. (See below for tips about how to read the new schedule.)
Every precaution for the safety of students, staff and visitors will be taken. Everyone’s cooperation will help us to keep the campuses open and will be greatly appreciated.  
The College will require all people on campus to maintain social distancing (6 feet) and wear facial coverings in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Oregon Health Authority. Facial coverings will be required at all times inside buildings, unless working in an individual office or workspace, as well as outdoors in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained. All areas and surfaces used by students or staff will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
This plan may change, depending on conditions and guidance from the Governor’s office, local public health departments and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission. If conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic change and make it impossible to keep campuses open, RCC will return to an all-online model.  

IMPORTANT DATES: Fall term is Sept. 21-Dec. 4, 2020. The deadline to add or drop classes is Sept. 25. The bookstore is now online only; fall orders, including charging to financial aid, will open Sept. 7.

TIPS FOR READING THE NEW SCHEDULE: The format of the Course Schedule on our website has recently changed. The Course Schedule Search is a bit finicky. It's recommended to look for your classes in myRogue whenever possible. When searching the Course Schedule on the website, it's best to search by Keyword (such as "biology") rather than Course number (BI101).
Online classes are listed as WEB in the "Section" field, and courses that will meet on campus will show RWC, RVC or TRC. RWC is the Redwood Campus in Grants Pass, RVC is the Riverside Campus in downtown Medford, and TRC is the Table Rock Campus in White City.

"Click for Details" next to a course to find the meeting location, days and time. Some online classes show "Web:Zoom" in the Building/Room area. These classes will meet at a specific day/time via Zoom; hover your mouse over the dates indicated on the calendar to see the meeting time. If an online class shows "NA" for Building/Room, it is a web-based class with no meeting times.

HOW TO REGISTER: We recently launched an all-new myRogue and the login credentials have changed. If you haven't logged in to the new portal yet, visit the myRogue Support page for help.

To register for classes, log in to myRogue and go to Academics > Registration. There are step-by-step instructions in the "myRogue Help" section.

  • If you do not see Registration as an option in your Academics tab, contact Advising to get clearance to register. Please include your name and student ID number.
  • Students pursuing more than one certificate or degree have more than one "enrollment" (major) in the new system. If this applies to you, use the drop-down menu to switch enrollments to find the classes you need for each program.

Once you've registered, you can see your schedule at Academics > My Class Schedule. The default view shows classes that don't have a scheduled meeting time (web classes) in a "list view" at the top of the page. Classes that meet on Zoom or in person at a scheduled time are shown in a "calendar view" lower on the page. To see all of your classes together in a list view, click "View by List" just above the calendar.
We look forward to serving you this fall!