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We have a new registration system

August 3, 2020

It's time to register for fall classes! Before you do, we have a few important notes about recent changes to our registration system.

First, we launched an all-new myRogue and the login credentials have changed. You will now use your RCC email address to log in to myRogue, Blackboard and lab computers, as well as Microsoft Office applications.

  • Your username is your RCC email address, which follows this formula: firstname.lastname.last4ofStudentID
    For example,
  • The default password is zero followed by your student ID. For example, 01234567. We strongly recommend changing your password immediately; you can do this by logging in to Microsoft Office and going to My Account in your profile in the upper right corner.
  • If you don't know your student ID number, or have trouble logging in, contact

In addition to the new myRogue, we've made a significant change to the registration process. The new process is designed to help you more easily find the courses you need to meet the requirements of your certificate or degree. The intent is to help you complete your program without taking unnecessary classes — saving both time and money.

This means you won't see all the classes we offer when you log in to register. You will see the courses that are required by your major (which is called "enrollment" in the new system) as well as elective courses. Tip: Be sure to look for the drop-down menu in the Registration window where you can search for "electives" as well as "required" courses.

It's more important than ever to select the correct "enrollment" indicating the certificate or degree you are working on. If your enrollment (major) is not correct in myRogue, please contact Advising.

To register in myRogue, go to Academics > Registration. There are step-by-step instructions in the myRogue Help section.

  • If you do not see Registration as an option in your Academics tab, contact Advising to get clearance to register.
  • Students pursuing more than one certificate or degree have more than one "enrollment" in the new system. If this applies to you, use the drop-down menu to switch enrollments to find the classes you need for each program.

Once you've registered, you can see your schedule at Academics > My Class Schedule. The default view shows classes that don't have a scheduled meeting time (web classes) in a "list view" at the top of the page. Classes that meet on Zoom or in person at a scheduled time are shown in a "calendar view" lower on the page. To see all of your classes together in a list view, click "View by List" just above the calendar.

If you have questions about registration, contact To schedule an appointment with an advisor, email